Saturday, March 9, 2013

The entire weekend was a blast!

 We went on the other traditional Moki Marble hike at Snow Canyon State Park. It was a gorgeous day! Lex and Brian went to the Parade of Homes, so we were the lucky ones to tend Ellie. Only this gramma forgot to bring her bottle (ooops!), so our hike was cut a little shorter than usual. But really while we thought she was hungry the whole time, turns out she was just fussy about the hat that aunt Lara was certain she should wear. Ha. But to give her credit, it really was sunny out so a hat for miss E really was a good idea. As we started to head back to the car, I took off her hat and wa-la, she was happy as a clam. Silly girl!
 Paris and Scarlett (Erin was already off hiking at this point!!)

 Auntie Grace and miss Ellie. And that hat!!
 Grandpa and Ellie
 Aunt Lara and her cowboy boots :)
 Two of my most favorite guys! Spenc was off on his day date for Preference!

 Love you JC!
Sisters enjoying the sunshine, family, and blue sky.
 Heading back home. Ellie loves to be outside! (especially without a hat!)
The three muskateers, partners in crime, beauties.

 Uncle Spencer with his favorite niece. 
 Alexa and Brian had a busy day at the Parade of Homes, and Ellie was worn out after that hike!
 In the meantime, Spencer was getting all dressed up to go to Preference with Hailey. When she came, Lex and Ellie were still sound asleep on the living room chair. Ha. It was pretty funny!
 Hailey is the one who asked Spencer out by smashing a pie in his face. It was pretty funny! I'll have to figure out how to post the video. Anyway, she came over the night before the dance with a new purple tie (to match her dress) and a plate of home made peanut butter cookies to apologize for the pie throwing incident. Ha. It was so nice of her! They looked great heading out to the dance. 
 Zac would always volunteer to hold Ellie while she was sleeping. He didn't need an ipad or the tv on. He would just sit and hold her and stare at her. It was so cute!
 Aunt Lara had to sneak in Ellie time when she could!

 Saturday night, Uncle Jeremy took everyone, including Lara, caving at Snow Canyon State Park. I was quick to volunteer to stay home and watch Ellie. She had a great bath in the sink (she can't stand laying down, so she sat up happily in the sink!), pj time, and singing with gramma. It was a fun night!

 Ellie in the cute baby gap dress that Miss Erin and Grace wore when they were babies.
My how time flies!

 Nothing better than a beautiful day hiking Johnson's Arch!

 I'm pretty certain that one day we WILL push that big rock right off the cliff!!

 Spencer started talking with a couple from Farmington, who had been to Calgary.
Brother Talbot had all kinds of words of wisdom to pass on to Spenc. It was cool!

 Boo, Monday morning came waaaaay too fast! We had such a blast and can't wait to
see everyone again this summer for the B E A C H trip!
 Grandpa getting some Ellie time. I love how she is holding on to his neck.
So precious!

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Cindy Sharkey said...

Love all the pictures. What a wonderful time you all had, you sure know how to cram a lot into a short visit. Ellie is growing!