Saturday, March 9, 2013

State Basketball - Go Snow Canyon Warriors!

Spencer has played four years on the Snow Canyon High School Warrior basketball team. He's had a great year and loves playing ball. After the win over Park City, their team went up north (Weber State) to participate in the State games. It was three days of snow, cold, games, cheering, wins and a loss! Overall their team took THIRD in STATE! It was a great weekend!
Game one - we won by one in overtime against Ben Lomand
Game two - we lost to Bear River, which put us in the consolation bracket - meaning we could now either take 3rd or 4th in State
Game three - We won! Wasatch was a good team, but we won by about 5 or 6! 
Way to go Warriors!! Go #25!!!

Alexa had a wedding to shoot at the Salt Lake Temple, so she took Erin as her back up shooter.
We tended Ellie at (great) Gramma's house. We had such a fun day! 
Apparently all of the return missionaries at the wedding were hitting on Erin,
asking her which school she went to (assuming she was in college).
She then told them she was a sophomore. In high school. Ha!

Great gramma loved playing with Ellie. 
Grace and Zac LOVED the snow!

After the wedding shoot we drove up to Ogden to the basketball game.
Zac wanted to stay home with gramma, which made everyone happy!
Miss Ellie was dreaming of chocolate cookies on the drive up!

Spencers cheering section on Friday!!
For Saturdays game, we all attempted to go. Gramma came with us. Lex, Brian, and Ellie started heading up, but I made them turn around because the weather was sooooo bad. I didn't want them having any trouble in their car in the snow. We cheered for them and I know they were with us in spirit!

Ready to rebound!
After the big win for 3rd in State. We love you Spencer!
Way to play all four years of high school ball.
You were an amazing inspiration and example to many!!
Brenden, Brandon, and Spencer.

The team!

One of my dear friends, and basketball moms - Tammy Truman! (aka, Spencer's other mom!)
Spencer with Coach Jones son, Caden. They were quite the buddies!
Two proud parents with their handsome son!
After post game pictures, we headed on back to Mapleton. The drive up to Ogden was pretty snowy, slick and scary! We said lots of prayers, slid out a couple times and were so thankful to get there safe!
It took us about 2 and a half hours to get back to Mapleton. Gramma really wanted to take Spencer out to dinner to celebrate his great season! She chose the Trolley in Springville. It was a great little restaurant. She told Spenc that he needed to get ribs, because they were the best! The waitress came over to take our order and Spencer ordered a half rack of ribs. Gramma piped up saying, "No he won't! He will take a FULL rack of ribs!" It was so funny. Needless to say he was in heaven!!! He ate a huge salad, the full rack of ribs and a ton of fries. It was a great dinner! Thanks Gramma!!!

Thanks Gramma!!!
Grace with her almost-cheeseless-quesedilla. (you'd have to be there!)
Mother and Son :)
Spencer lovin' life!

Mission Accomplished!!
We drove on back to grammas. Spencer shoveled her driveway and walkway. Jeremy fixed her thermostat. The rest of us cleaned up and packed up the car. It was 10pm when we finally headed home. It took us 6 hours.....through a huge snowstorm. For 3 hours of the drive, we drove 30mph through white-out conditions. Spenc sat in the front with Jeremy, because I was so nervous. We arrived home, safe and sound, at 4am. We were so glad church was at 11am and very happy we made it home to hear Bowen and Victoria speak before they left for their missions in Chile!
This was the "start" of the storm. Not too long after that, we were driving single file on an all white freeway over two pretty good sized mountain passes. 
Many prayers were offered, and many prayers were answered!!


Erin Estella said...

Okay, okay, yes I'll admit all the photos were a nice touch, very necessary.

Cindy Sharkey said...

What an adventure, you Calls sure can turn everything into from championship ball games to ribs to snow storms into lifelong memories. :)