Saturday, March 9, 2013

One of the best traditions ever!

Somehow, somewhere along the lines of life a tradition was born and boy do we ever love it! Every Presidents Day weekend my older sister Lara and her kids come out for a visit. We started out so many years ago with sippy cups, nap times, goldfish crackers, "movie-time". Then we moved up to door-bell ditching notes (some that said some pretty random things like "I hope a llama doesn't spit in your yogurt")...after that we mom's had to "approve" of the hand written notes that were to be door bell ditched. Ha. Our poor neighbors!! Then there were games of fugitive, scavenger hunts, and always, always hikes to Johnsons Arch, birthday dinners of tacos for miss Paris, thrift store finds, crafting, and Gigi always eating the chocolate. This year was just like all of the others. Filled with fun, laughter, good food, fabulous entertainment (we had Ellie around this year instead of Gigi and the chocolate didn't disappear!). It was a fabulous weekend and there are plenty of pictures to prove it.

 Everyone arrived right about the same time! We came in from Mesquite from Grace's soccer tournament game. Lara and girls met us there on their drive in from California. Lex, Brian and Ellie arrived right after we got back. It was quite the reunion!! Everyone was so excited to meet miss E :) 

Spencer had many fans their first round of State Basketball games! We had a great time watching play Park City. We were so happy for the win!

 Zac watching his big bro play. You can see Spencer on the court, lined up for the free throws. He is the one on the right side of the court with his hands above his head. He is so funny. For the first shot of every free throw, he rests his arms like that. It's a crack up and happens every time!
 Miss Ellie loved watching the game and all of the excitement!
 There's Spenc, in between the two Park City guys. 

 End of the game, we won! Spenc is #25 (stats to the left of the board). He had two 3's and another basket for 8 points total. It was a great game! Go Warriors. Next up - trip up north for State playoffs!!
The kitchen table became crafting central :)
 The results of talented thrift store shoppers / artists!
 These two were all about sports this weekend. Grace played in a soccer tournament in Mesquite - 4 games total! Spencer is winding up his 4th year on the high school basketball team. You can just feel the love they have for each other! Ha! 

 Way to go Warrior #25 and Bombers Crush #9!


Erin Estella said...

definitley the best!!

Cindy Sharkey said...

Sports, crafts, kids, cousins= mass fun. Ellie is growing up in the right crowd.