Monday, March 11, 2013

Back it up to last month....Mission Call Opening - February 7th, 2013

We knew his mission call was soon to arrive. His mission paper status had gone from, "processing" (reviewing), to "ready for assignment" to "assigned" (mission assigned!), to mailed! Spencer was soooo excited!! So much so that Tuesday after basketball practice was over he announced to his whole team that his mission call should be here this week, either Wed, Thurs, or Fri and that they were all invited over for lunch on the day it arrived! Feeding the basketball team? Hungry boys for sure! We had talked about when and what time he could open his call after it arrived. On Wed it had to be during lunch, because the team had a game in Cedar and would be leaving at 2pm and not home until 10pm that night! Too late to open it after! On Thursday we had to open it during lunch, because Erin was heading out for her State Swim meet up North at 1pm.  And if it came on Friday, we decided to just keep it at lunchtime!
Wednesday phone call. (We are able to call the post office in our cute town and let them know his mission call is due to arrive. If you leave your number, they will call you in the morning when it arrives instead of sending out with the mail carrier! It's so cool!) Thursday morning at about 8:03am our mail carrier called us to let us know it had arrived!!!!! Today was the day!!! I hurried and finished getting ready so I could drive down and pick it up. Spencer was the first one I told, I was able to call him since class hadn't quite started yet. It was so exciting. This was a day we have been waiting for for so long, and now it was here!!!

 Although Alexa, Brian, and Ellie couldn't be here, their presence was everywhere!! 
Alexa made all of the amazing prints. They were perfect!

 We had pizza (thanks Rick & Lisa!), salads, and lots of desserts! I'm sure all the kids 
that showed up (holy moly!) could have eaten a ton more, but everyone got enough!
Grace was the photographer, she did a great job!

 This map had been taped up for a couple weeks as we all made our guesses. 
We had to keep on taping it up again and again as the corners would fall down, 
hence all the random tape!

 Some of the desserts, not all had arrived yet.

 Notice the unfrosted cupcakes? And a section of the sugar cookies were unfrosted....
ya, for this kid (below) who can't stand frosting!

 Yadi (above) volunteered to video for us and she did an AMAZING job!
Thank you so much Yadi!!

 Erin and her partner in crime...Bailey

 Ohhhh so exciting!! So many of his friends came, it was incredible!

 Ok, here it goes....
(we had Alexa, Gramma Cindy, and Lynda each on a phone to listen in!)
and Bishop there to the right video taping as well.
 You have been assigned to labor in the
 You will report to the MTC (missionary training center) on
 You will speak the ENGLISH language!
(I love the pic below of Grace putting her arm around cute!)
 Look at that excited face!! 
 We could not be happier for you Spencer! You are going to be an amazing missionary, 
serving the people of Canada. They are so lucky to get you for two years!!!!
To see the video of the mission call opening, go here :)


H said...

My grandparents are serving a mission beginning in May in Calgary, small world! Tell him to look out for a Brother and Sister Bryant!

Amy said...

That is so awesome! I will tell him to be on the look out for them! He is such a great kid and loves, loves, loves his grandparents - so if he is so lucky to meet yours, I'm sure he will love them, too!! Such a small world! Tell your grandparents to look out for Elder Call from Southern Utah - he should arrive there in June! :)

Cindy Sharkey said...

Every picture tells a story; an expression, a gesture, a touch, a smile. This is priceless, just like Spencer's next two years will be in Calgary, Canada.