Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring Break - a little bit of this & a little bit of that

 Right before Spring Break Spencer asked a cute chick to Sr Ball!
He made a sign, Will you be my CHICK for Sr Ball?, and delivered it with a cute, fluffy chick in a box to Michele Gibson.
He had some good helpers door-bell ditching it!
 They loved this little chick so much that they decided to each get on over Spring Break. 
They became little farmers for a month!
 Some days of the break were spent pretty much unproductive.
And other days were crafty and fun (Erin & Grace made backpacks together!) 

 We had game night playing Ticket to Ride....highly recommended game! 

 Waiting for Erin while she went into the bank....but apparently no one wanted their picture taken but me??
 Ice cream sundaes for Grace & Zac for making new soccer juggling records!
Grace made 80 juggles in a row and Zac made 10! They practiced a ton!
 Spencer with his mission call....I needed a formal picture!
 Two of the four chicks the kids got.
 One late afternoon we packed it up and went to Gunlock. We brought the canoe that Spencer made last year for Physics out of cardboard, duct tape, and plastic. He and Erin made it across the reservoir before it started filling with water. Ha!
 The boys skipping rocks together....and me just hanging out!

 Jeremy is the most amazing camper guy I know! He got the fire up and going so we could roast hot dogs and s'mores.
Mmmm, why do hot dogs only taste so good when you're on a campout?? 
 The kids brought tubes and life jackets (we are a HUGE lifejacket family!) and went for a swim.
Although it was warm outside (78-80), the water was f r e e z i n g!! 

 We also brought up the archery stuff, which we all had fun with!

 It was a gorgeous afternoon / evening. I sure love my family. The time we take to spend together,
despite very busy schedules, is priceless!!

 It was a wonderful, relaxing, fun, delicious night! We loved it! About 8:30pm we packed in back over to the car,
because it was dark and we forgot flashlights!!

 Kit, Scooter, Memo, & Garmadon
(Graces, Spencers, Erins, Zacs)
To change the box they live in, one would put the chicks in this basket while someone else cleaned out the box (not me...they made up assigned days!). When they bought the chicks, they watched them all at the store and each one chose out which chick they wanted. It was so funny, because each child chose a chick with their exact same personality!! For instance, guess who's chick was the first one to fly out of the box?? (erin!!). Guess who's chick cannot stand to be alone and just wants to be by her other chick friends? (zacs) Guess who's chick is friendly, and will jump up on your arm anytime? two guesses.... (spencers and and mrs social!!) And guess who's chick is a little peacemaker and just so cute? (yup, gracies!)

We're hoping to deliver these cute chicks - who are now a TON bigger - off to a nice farm to live with other chickens!
They sure had fun with them!

Yay for Spring Break!!

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Cindy Sharkey said...

Leave it to the Call family to find multiple things to do daily on spring break. Love the 'farm' adventure at home with baby chicks. :)