Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hey there! It's Ellie!

 Hi there, it's Ellie here (guest blogger!). Well, I guess my mom and dad planned a mini-vacation alone! I'm not sure why, since I am so cute, but they were smart. They left me with my gramma, grandpa, 2 uncles and 2 aunts. I was seriously spoiled! 
So I thought I'd tell you a little about my weekend!
 First, I'm a trooper with bottles. Especially since mommy left them especially for me. Mmmm! I can even hold my own bottle and if you try to take my bottle out before I'm done - don't worry, I can suck it right back in so fast!!
 When I was ready for a nap, gramma let me sleep in her bed (she told me that mommy used to sleep in her bed, too....must run in the family). Uncle Zac always volunteered to watch a movie and keep an eye on me during my whole nap!
 At first I didn't really like Uncle Spencer. But that's not how all the girls are like at his high school, so I thought I'd give him a try. When gramma said, "Raise your hand if you're having fun" I shot my hand up in the air fast! (see above!). I mean, come on, if you haven't hung out with Uncle Spencer, then you're really missing out!! Not only that, I hear he's leaving for two whole years, so I have to get in a lot of play time now!
 (Girls, he's super fun, polite, and handsome!)
 My mom and dad were pretty smart. They knew that I would take up gramma's whole day, so they dropped of take-n-bake pizzas when they dropped off me! So, lucky me, Gramma gave me a pizza crust and boy-oh-boy was I ever in heaven. 
Mmmm, I LOVE eating when everyone else is!!

 Uncle Spencer tried to win me over with food (ladies, has he done that with you??) and guess what? He won! 
Silly guy, he held a pizza crust in his mouth and boy did I ever want it!  

  Mmmm, there's nothing like shoving good food in  my mouth! Thanks Uncle Spenc!

 We even tried it again, but this time I just reached over and grabbed it right out of his mouth!
It really surprised him and everyone laughed. I really am so funny!

 After dinner I was getting a little bit tired, but Grandpa really, really wanted to show me all of the many plants in his yard. 
I loved touching them....
 reaching out to them.....
 and even letting them tickle my toes!
 But by the last tree...I was really tired. Good thing gramma heard me and helped me get some sleep.
(but I tricked her, because really I only needed a 15 minute nap!) :) told ya I was silly!
 Uncle Spencer really did a great job winning my heart! He makes lots of silly faces,
is always telling me silly stories, and I feel so safe in his big arms! Thanks for loving me Uncle Spenc!

 We are officially best buddies and I'll miss you the next two years! 
 Gramma was so nice to put me to bed at night. I really don't like to start out cuddling when I'm tired. In fact I try to stay up as long as I can. But gramma is smart, she knows when it's really time for bed and boy do I ever fall asleep fast. She even sings me that same song that she sang to all of my uncles and aunts when she used to put them to bed! Ya, I know. I'm pretty spoiled!
How do you like to sleep? Cause I love to sleep on my side, all cuddled up! I hear it's
exactly how my mom and gramma like to sleep. I think I look pretty cute here in gram's little basinette! 
(but really gram, by next time, I might not fit in there!)
 Bright and early Saturday morning I was surprised that it was only me and gramma that were up!
Where was everybody?? Doesn't anyone want to play ball? 
 I played with gramma for over an hour chasing toys around the rug and then I let her know that 
I really needed a change! Well, lucky me, I got two changes! Gramma sat me up (ohhh, I am SO good at sitting up!) 
and then Zac walked into the playroom!! Boy did I ever light up when he came in! 
No offense Gramma, it was fun playing with you, too! 

 I'm good buddies with my Uncle Zac. He is always there for me and loves being near me!
Good thing, cause I love being with him!!!
(can't ya tell by my big smile!!)
 After a little while, Zac brought me over to Gram so I could help her out.
Did you know that I am pretty pro on the lap top?
Just look at the picture below, you can't see my fingers, but they were perfectly placed on that keyboard!
 Well, breakfast time at grammas is the best!!
 I'm pretty sure that I am the luckiest girl alive!
 I mean, where else do you get to eat (baby) cookies for breakfast, 
except at gramma and grandpas house??!
Mmmm, I love those cookies!
(now don't worry, I had a jar of squash afterwards!)
 Gracie put grandpas hat on my head, and I figured that I have a lot of growing
to do to catch up with him!

 I am super duper good at doing this caterpillar scoot thing to get where I need
to go. But secretly all weekend long all of my aunts and uncles were helping
me get up on all 4's so that I could surprise mom and dad! I'm really doing a 
great job and I think it will just be another week or two before I am cruising all over
the entire house getting into everything! I am SO excited!!!

 Wow! I watched this play out and I sure was shocked! My gramma put out some home-made
salsa and chips and everyone went to town on it! Spencer had to hold in his tie, cause he gets SO MUCH
salsa on his chip he didn't want to spill. I guess you have to eat a lot when you're big!!

Can you tell that whenever someone holds me, I keep one arm around their neck?
I started doing it because it's so warm up there, but then everyone kept commenting on
how cute it was, so I just keep it up. It's always great to be so cute!!
 Saturday was sure a busy day! These guys go so many places! My uncle took my aunts to the temple! I really, really wanted to go, but my gramma, grandpa, and Zac took me to a wedding reception luncheon instead. Was that ever fun! Everyone thought that I was so cute! And.....there was FOOD! Did you know that I love food as much as my mom does!!?? Mmmm, I wanted to grab everything on my gramma's plate, including the tablecloth, the cups, forks, etc. Needless to say, gramma didn't get to eat very much cause she was so busy with me! But after grandpa was done, he took me on a little walk. I bet it was so gramma could actually eat a couple bites! After that I started getting a little fussy, which seemed to work out great, cause gramma said, "Let's go!" and off we went! It was pretty nice, cause it made me feel like I was in charge.(although I'm pretty sure I am always in charge!)

 Silly gramma forgot to take pictures of the meal that we ate outside for our picnic!
She found out that if she gives me a lid, or a spoon, or something for me to play with that I eat a lot better!
 (ps gramma, you might want to consider buying a high chair before I come again!
I'm pretty good at arching my back, and lifting my legs and then waaaa-laaa - this tray pops right off!)

 Mmmm, I love getting drinks from that big girl cup!
 Good old Uncle Spenc and Erin! :)
 My gramma told me a great story! She said that the trunk of the Volvo was a huge mess!!! She also said that Uncle Spencer said he refused to clean it out until my mom (Alexa) arrived because most of the stuff was hers!! He even said that about 90% of the stuff was hers!! So when my mom and dad got back that night, they all went out to work on the mess! They (Spenc, Erin, & my mom) each decided to make a pile of their stuff. Ummm, it was a HUGE mess! I think Uncle Spencer had at least 4 basketballs in there, shoes, sweatshirts, and tons and tons of garbage!! Aunt Erin had a cupcake in there (hard as a rock). My mom had a few things in there as well! 
 But Uncle Spencer won big time! See his big pile below?? My mom's pile and Erin's pile 
are on the sidewalk and don't even add up to Spencer's pile!! 
 Well, I guess it turns out that good thing they cleaned it out! Cause that very night Uncle Spenc went
out with some friends and someone ended up needing a ride home and had their bike. And guess
what?? His bike fit in the now clean Volvo! Good thing for Grammas! It reminds me of that song....
Mothers know best, listen to your mother (or gramma!) :) 
These two girls played with me a lot! Don't Livy and Aunt Grace look gorgeous!!?
I hope my hair starts to grow so I can have curls like that!! 
 I LOVED bathtime in the sink! I only like to sit up to take a bath.
I get pretty mad if someone tries to lay me down!! You can pour water over my
head, scrub me clean....but please, don't lay me down!! 
 Cozy warm!

 Sunday was a great day! Mom and Dad were back and we all went to church together. 
I sure loved spending the weekend with my Grandpa, Gramma, Uncles and Aunts.
I have so many people who love ME!!!

 It was St. Patricks day, so we had these yummy lime green sherbet / 7-up floats!
Plus, my dad who is the best bbq-er of all time made hamburgers on the grill!
We had lots of salads and boy did it ever look good!
 I am so lucky to have such gorgeous parents, don't ya think??
I hope I grow up as sweet and amazing as they are....I think I'm on the right track so far!!
Thanks Grams and Gramps for such a fun weekend!
I'm pretty sure you're getting a better nights sleep this week ;)
Can't wait to see you again!
your favorite grand-daugther
Ellie Marie


lex said...

Ellie is so so so so lucky! :)
Glad she had so much fun!
Thanks for taking AMAZING care of her :)
hope you're getting better sleep, haha!

ellie sends her LOVE!
so do we!

larajanepark said...

Wow, I'm tired just reading about that adventurous weekend of yours, Ellie! xoxox
Hope gram and gramps get a turn with you again SOON (since it's probably the best gift EVER) xoxox love great aunt lara

Cindy Sharkey said...

A weekend full of memories, love all the cute pictures. Ellie is a doll.

Erin Estella said...

yay for fun weekend!!!