Thursday, January 10, 2013

Diet Coke and Facebook

It all started back a couple years ago. You see, I tend to get some pretty hefty migraine headaches (compliments of my mama's genes). Did you know that one of the major ingredients in Migraine Excedrin is caffeine? It is also found in Pamprin, Midol, and such. Why? Because when we ladies have cramps, our blood vessels are dilated. When we have a migraine, the blood vessels in our head are also dilated, pounding against our skull. Painful! Caffeine is a blood vessel constrictor. Therefore, if you have cramps, or a migraine headache, caffeine can actually help ease the pain that comes with both of these by constricting dilated blood vessels. Well, I started using Diet Pepsi, then later switched to Diet Coke, medicinally. I'd buy a twist on cap 16 or 20oz diet pepsi and nurse that for the good old three days of pms, or the headache day. I never had more than a couple inches of that stuff in a day. But little by little, I'd have a bit more. And one day last year (Feb 21, 2012 to be exact) I decided that I was really having it too often. (too often for me was a big gulp once or twice a month). Because I rarely had caffeine, I could feel the effects of caffeine within 5 minutes of having it. My heart would race, I felt like I had a good jolt of energy, and my body was movin! On that day last year, Feb 21, I decided enough was enough. I decided then to not have it anymore. Yikes! And here I am, almost 11 months later and I can honestly say that I have not had one ounce of caffeine since then (wait, except for some good old chocolate occasionally)! It feels great!! At first I purchased a case of V-8 Frusion from Costco. Every time I had a caffeine craving, I'd pop open one of those V8 Frusions (fruit and veggie drink), pour it over some ice and enjoy it. The first month I really felt like I NEEDED my diet coke. That feeling slowly went away. It has been a great feeling to feel healthier and to stick to a goal!!

Second, facebook. This one kind of came about on it's own. I seriously had been checking facebook just a little too often. Come on, who can't waste some time on there?? It's fun keeping up with everyone and seeing how everyone was doing. But I was just logging in a little too often, in my opinion. Start up High School Basketball season. Coaches challenged the players (Spencer plays Varsity this year....his last year of high school!!), to take a break from all social media (facebook, twitter, etc...) and focus on basketball and schoolwork. Spencer only has a fb account and actually had asked me about a year ago to change his password, because he didn't want to be tempted to go on when he was studying, etc. When the coaches gave this challenge, I thought it was the perfect time to join in! So, I just went cold turkey. I have not been on since the first week in November and I am enjoying it. My darling nieces and daughters all keep the most incredible blogs!! They keep me updated and feeling like I am right there with them! I have the best visits on the phone with my sisters - for an hour or two and get information first hand. My mom and I share texts, picture messages, and phone visits regularly. I feel MORE connected this way than having facebook in my life. Now, I haven't sworn off facebook like I have caffeine. I have not logged into facebook in over two months!! I probably need to delete my account so that anyone who has posted a message or asked a question doesn't think I am rudely ignoring them. I just haven't looked at my facebook! I am finding much better things to do with my time and feel just as connected to my loved ones!

So while these may not be anyone else's goals, they have been good ones for me! I am not the greatest new-years-goal-setter, but I am thankful that these came about during 2012. I wonder what's in store for 2013? I'm excited!! And by the way, I am not judging those of my dear family and friends who love their caffeine! I was just feeling it messing with my body and decided to do something about it! And the same thing with facebook, some of my most amazing family members love their facebook. It's all about what works for YOU in YOUR life! Loves to family and friends! Here's to a great year!

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Cindy Sharkey said...

Doesn't it feel good to do something just for You? Small things seem to make a big impact. Anything that gives us more time with family and feeling better is good. :)