Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mmmm, mmmmm!

Boy oh boy was this weekend crazy busy! Varsity basketball last night (big time boooo for losing to Cedar by two!!), and a two day swim meet had us running back and forth around town both Friday and Saturday. Grandpa Snydal was supposed to come for a visit this weekend, but due to bad traveling weather, he had to cancel. We're looking forward to his visit when the weather gets better!

We decided after the busy weekend to head on over to Costa Vida for dinner. Mmmm, it's one of our most favorite places to go! For some reason, Spencer and Zac started the "when you get your picture taken tonight, put your hands on each others heads"......

 What a crazy family we have!! But I wouldn't have it any other way. We were cracking up laughing so hard at one point....the boys were posing (hands on heads and everything) for their photo when Zac's mouth opened and his horchata (the sweet cinnamon milk that he and Jeremy LOVE) spilled right out of his mouth and onto Spencers food. Only Spencer didn't see it happen. Oh man alive, we were dying laughing. There were a few couples looking our way, but I just think they were jealous we were having so much fun ;)
 Our beautiful girls Erin and Gracie!

 That handsome guy I was so blessed to marry 22 years ago!! Love you JRC!
 And this kid (above) is just about to submit his mission papers!! He should receive his mission call to serve in February sometime, telling him where and when and all those details. To say we are excited is an understatement! He can hardly wait and is ready for this time in his life!
 Mr Zac is going to miss his big bro big time! I saw a quote the other day that read "Being a Brother is better than being a Superhero". These two brothers sure love each other. Spencer was excited beyond belief when we found out that Zac was joining our family, the long awaited brother he had prayed for!!
We finished off the evening with a quick trip to Home Depot for some paint chips (getting ready to re-paint / re-do the playroom), and a quick game of hide and seek. Who does such immature things with their children, sheesh!! A stop off at Lin's for some fooooood, a stop at a couple different Red Boxes for a movie (but no luck there) and now we're all home just a chillin'. I love nights like this when we are all together - at least for a little while - Spenc is already out and about with his friends. I love and cherish our family and was wishing the whole evening that Lex, Brian, and Ellie were with us. 
Happy Saturday night to YOU!! 
PS Erin challenged me not to pin anything on pinterest until I had done at least 5 of them that I have previously pinned. Hence the stop off at Lins -  tomorrow is garlic & lemon chicken for dinner, and orange cream freezer dessert, plus I've done at least 3 or 4 other pins over the holidays! But she's right, I need to use some of these great ideas that I'm getting from other people. Yea for a new meal tomorrow!! And I've just realized that I have yet to blog about Christmas, that better be next!


lex said...

I'm cracking up laughing right now! So funny! Love you all :-)

Cindy Sharkey said...

What a fun weekend! Once you have an empty nest you're going to have to get a full time job to keep you busy. Right now you have a full time job! xoxo

Pear Girl said...

OH MAN that sounds like such a fun evening!!! Can't wait to hear about where Spencer is going to be going, although quite sad, but I know he's going to do AWESOME wherever he is :) I love your "do 5 pinterest ideas" challenge from Erin!! I need to keep up on that myself, even though I don't even have a pinterest account. And speaking of paint chips, we're hoping to paint our room soon too! Can't wait to see what the new re-done playroom is going to look like :) 29-ish days left!!! xxxooxox