Thursday, December 27, 2012

Twenty two years. . .

Twenty two years ago today I was married to my man for time and all eternity in the Oakland, CA temple. What a blessed day that was. So much has happened since that beautiful day! Today we celebrated by heading over to the St. George Temple and basked in all it's beauty. Then we enjoyed lunch together at Olive Garden & over soup, salad, and breadsticks  we shared 22 fun memories we've enjoyed over the years. In the past 22 years we have:

*gone to Hawaii three glorious times together (we decided we need to up that amount big time!)
*had 5 amazing children 
*inherited an amazing son-in-law
*became grandparents to the cutest little girl ever
*moved countless times...8 times I believe
*driven on long distance trips (12-19hrs each way) at least a dozen different times...and we're all still alive to talk about it (still laughing at the time when we just might have convinced two-and-a-half year old Spencer that the reason the police officer was approaching our car was because he wouldn't stop hitting Alexa with his Winnie the Pooh toys...)
*started our own business
*been through our own ups and downs 
*laughed so many times that we were crying. and maybe peeing a bit...(ok, only me)
*finished each others sentences countless times
*have had a phone visit with the elementary school principal once. for one un-named child.
*have never bought a brand new car
*have supported each other as we have served in Scouts, scouts, scouts, Bishopric and scouts. Oh ya, and in Primary, Young Womens, Girls Camp and such
*buried an amazing father, who we know we will see again one day! Thank goodness!!
*cried together
*have had so many late-night-pillow talks it's impossible to count
*prayed together
*hiked together
*sent a daughter off to college and survived (ok, me again)
*getting ready to send son on his 6 short months!!
*made it through 5 potty training kids, 9 years of preschool, many years of hormones, and many more to come
*have tried our very best to include the Lord in our marriage every step of the way
*forgiven each other when needed
*learned a great deal of patience
*loved unconditionally
*and loved every step of the way. 
Even the not-so-easy times. They have formed us and helped us stretch and grow.

I am so thankful to have had these past 22 years with my handsome honey and am so thankful that we are each others' for eternity!!! Happy 22nd Anniversary Handsome Man of Mine!!


larajanepark said...

Congratulations to the best married people I know. You have definitely picked the right spouses! Much love to you both. I remember the day you married like it wasn't that long ago. So proud of you xoxox

lex said...

so so so so so cute! so glad i have such great examples to look up to! excited to see both of you tomorrow. xoxoxo

Lynda said...

22 years of blessings it sounds like, what an example of love, committment and selflessness! xoxo

Cindy Sharkey said...

Love that you have made the memories that you can look back on together. Here's to 22 more years, & 22 more after that!

Pear Girl said...

Wow thats only 4 years longer than I've been alive! What an awesome 2+ decades you've been through together, thats amazing :) Love you two and I hope for 2+ more happy decades to come!!!