Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Zac’s Birthday Party!!

Ahoy maties! Come on old guys! It’s a party!! IMG_6072 For Zac’s 9th birthday he choose to go to Laser Mania for an afternoon of fun! You know me – the deal finder. I certainly had no intention of paying the “birthday party” prices (about $12 per person) Instead, with some good investigating work, I found out that you can play two games for the price of one on Mondays. Zac’s party?? Monday! 4-6pm, August 27th, 2012.IMG_6074Friends arrived (some we picked up on the way out). We had a crazy photoshoot first. IMG_6077Bryson, Stockton, Preston, Zac, & Ashylnn

Bryson, Stockton, Preston, Zac, & GracieIMG_6080And then we enjoyed a ton of these, with ice cream of course. IMG_6095 IMG_6106The family came along for some moral support, and come on, let’s face it, some competition!!! IMG_6107 Here they are, all ready to shoot em up!IMG_6111Second game, they all wanted to be on Spencer and Zac’s team. All the boys against Jeremy, Erin & Grace. Awesome stuff.  IMG_6112 IMG_6113A few quarters went a LONG way! Everyone got a handful of quarters, earned a ton of tickets, and bought their own cool prizes. Seriously fun stuff!! IMG_6114 IMG_6115Zac & Preson (above)  Zac w/ Bryson (below). All of the other friends were running around crazy at this point, so I didn’t get many more pictures! IMG_6116 IMG_6117

The kid who wanted the cool, Laser Mania party had a fabulous time. We gave out treat bags and water bottles on the way home. It was a BLAST!!! He is so lucky to have such nice friends, cool parents ;), and amazing siblings!!! Yea!!!




larajanepark said...

Yay Zac! So glad you had a SUPER FUN Birthday! Love you so much xoxoxo

Cindy Sharkey said...

What a party Zac-o! You came up with the best idea for a party and it looks like your whole family loved it too.