Saturday, May 12, 2012

Gram’s here!!

IMG_1368  Gram arrived on Wednesday and boy are we having fun! I had the privilege of picking her up just before lunch on Wednesday, so we decided to hit up Cafe Rio….her favorite. It was soooo nice to visit with her before the kids got home.  She played a great game of checkers with Zac, with cereal as the pieces. Never a dull moment when Gram is around. (the table use to be our actual dinner table when we were a tiny family of four. then we cut the legs shorter to be an art table for the kids. then it got put outside to become the “oven” for many mud pies, and finally as it was on it’s last leg, I freshened it up with a quick coat of paint, and on a whim painted on a checker board.) I love DIY made-up projects!!

IMG_1372 My gorgeous mama. I hope I’m as spunky and beautiful as she is when I grow up!IMG_1370Zac’s sly face after he had made a pretty good move! IMG_1374Crown me! With a Honey Nut Cheerio! IMG_1377Beautiful Mama and Gracie, painting together.  IMG_1380Mom’s new favorite recipe…..the EASIEST white chicken chili ever!! IMG_1385The recipe is self explanitory, see above. But I’ll add in some details so you can see how easy it is. This recipe originally started out with “chop an onion, brown in butter, defrost chicken, cut up and cook until done”  The night I wanted to make this recipe (a few months back) I just didn’t have time for those first few steps. So I condensed it a bit. Here it is… will be eating it 15 minutes after you open the first can!

In a large pot add:

3 cans drained Great Northern White beans, 2 cans Swansons Chicken Broth, 2 cans diced chiles, 1 can Costco canned chicken with juices,  1 TBSP dried onion (Costco), 1/2 tsp Garlic Powder, 1/2 tsp Garlic Salt. Heat it all up and then add 2 cups frozen super sweet white corn (Costco)

When it’s done, scoop into bowls and top with shredded cheese and diced avacado. Serve with tortilla chips. You will be in LOVE with the easiness of this recipe and how delicious it is! Mmmmmmm! I could seriously eat it EVERY day!! I love this White Chicken Chili!!


Gram, Gracie and Jeremy having a visit! We LOVE having Gram here, and guess what? She’s here for another TWO weeks…..hip hip hooray!!! Love you Gramma Cindy!!

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