Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Baby Girl shopping is the best!


I just might have taken a break from all the amazing amount of Girls Camp stuff I’ve been doing (did you know I’m the Stake Girls Camp Director this year?) Yikes! That means planning, organizing, preparing, and getting ready to camp with 180 of the most AMAZING young women – ages 12 – 17 years old – from Tuesday July 24 – Saturday July 28th. (post on that coming up soooon!) We’ve had some incredible things happen, and have been working soooo hard. It’s going to be so much fun. But today, I welcomed the much needed break….and poked around town. No worries. I only spent $7 .50 today, for a grand total of about $13. That’s my kind of shopping!

IMG_1358Most darling infant – 3 month old baby girl outfit. Ahhh, it is so cute. (and a steal of a deal at the Gap for $5.49) The socks, below, are the cute, long socks that would be adorable with a skirt – although she’s going to have to grow into them (size 12-24mos)!! Coral pink with white polka dots and another pair of yellow socks with white polka dots. IMG_1359IMG_1363The rest of these darling outfits I’ve picked up here and there, for no more than $1 each.  I know some of you cringe when you hear of hand-me-downs, second hands stores, yard sales….but I am the exact opposite!! As long as it is in great condition and can be thoroughly washed, I’m all for it. The above outfit is Old Navy long-sleeve onsie (6mos) and darling pink/white checked pants. Total cost $1.50  IMG_1360The skirt is to die for cute! It's 6-9mo size, brand: Jumping Beans. It has the cute little built in diaper cover under it. This was Erin’s fav!  (1$) The sleeper is lime green with white polka dots….by Carters, and for $1. The pink pants remind me of little surfer girls pants, by the Gap, for $2.00IMG_1361 IMG_1362Everythings washed and ready to hand over to A & B, who just happen to be visiting us this weekend!!! Yea!!! I cannot wait to see her tummy and hopefully get a kick from that granddaughter of ours. Ahhhhh, I can’t wait to meet that little girl!!!

But first things first. I have to get through girls camp this summer and then you better believe that I’m switching to full out gramma mode!! 

(no worries…Lex and I have the deal that if I ever give her anything that she just doesn’t like, all she has to do is donate it to a thrift store! We soooo do not believe in feelings getting hurt over trivial things in life…..not worth it one bit!!)

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lex said...

yeah right like they're are going to a thrift store! these are so stinkin cute!! I love them all!!!! oh my gosh, this little one is going to be spoiled rotten! :) love you mama! soon to be grandma! xoxoxo

p.s. and THANK YOU!