Saturday, May 12, 2012

Girls Night Out

 IMG_1391 The boys went on the big Father/Sons campout, so the girls decided to party it up. Before they left, Jeremy surprised us mom’s with an early mother’s day present….chocolates and a huge bouquet of flowers. Boy are we ever lucky! (don’t mind the just-out-of-the-pool hair!)IMG_1393We started off on our adventure! Three generations of loving and fun!  IMG_1407First stop…..Iceberg for dinner. Yikes, when we arrived there was a huge car show going on. So we decided to hit up the drive through. Unfortunately it was very slllooooooow going. And something like, “Mam, can you pull forward and we will bring you your order?” (after we take care of the five cars behind you!) Ha, it was pretty funny. We rocked out and sang like crazy to the wedding cd, thank you Alexa. We were missing you!!  IMG_1408  Look at all that fattening food! Mmmmm, we enjoyed every last bite. We had a picnic at the City Center downtown St. George. It was a gorgeous evening. IMG_1410 IMG_1411Next stop…the Carousel. Grace and Erin partied it up as just about the only ones on there.  IMG_1416 IMG_1417  IMG_1424IMG_1421 IMG_1426Next stop, good old Dixie Bowl.  IMG_1427 IMG_1430Gram decided to sit this one out….maybe she didn’t want to wear such cool shoes? The girls and I each had “lovely” names……but I won’t be mentioning who we each were…… only to say that I was the love of my life “Jer”. Any guesses as to who Er and Gracie were?? :)IMG_1432Erin had an interesting night. She’d go from a SPARE (above) to not even knocking down a single pin….with a lane with bumpers (below). IMG_1436 IMG_1437Gracie’s lucky bowl looks like this (above) IMG_1441 IMG_1442We ended the evening with delicious 25 Main cupcakes and stopped by RedBox for a movie or two. Here’s Gram hanging out the sunroof as we checked out the movies.  IMG_1443After throwing on our jammies and grabbing our pillows, we watched a fabulous movie! Sometimes these movies can be not-so-good, but Dolphin Tale was sooooooo good! Highly recommended. A great family movie! Gracie headed off to bed (soccer game in the morning and it was after 10pm) so we decided to watch movie #2. Ahhhh, it was terrible!! Awful!! Highly recommended to NOT rent “Like Crazy”. Booo! After laughing at how dumb the movie was and the fact that gram gave up 15 minutes into the movie to head to bed, we followed not too far behind. Overall, it was a MOST fabulous Girls Night Out!!! Thanks boys for going camping so we could party it up!!!  IMG_1444

ps Lex, we missed you terribly, but thought of you so much, it was like you were there! Next time??


lex said...

ahhhh how cute!! love all the photos!!! :) next time, me + baby girl will have to come down for girls night out!! woohoo!! loves to all! xoxo

Pear Girl said...

Holy cow it looks like you guys had an amazing girls night out!!! so wish i could've been there with you guys, the weather looks awesome and summery! :D It should be warming up pretty soon over here, but its really windy and kind of cold! hahaha miss you guys!!!