Friday, April 27, 2012

They’re back!

Last summer we had the joy of watching a little hummingbird build a tinsey, tiny nest on the string of lights in our backyard (hence we didn’t turn on that strand of lights all summer long!). She laid and hatched two baby birds, they grew up and flew away. See amazing photos here: A Sweet Surprise and here: They Hatched!

The past couple days I’ve seen a hummingbird fluttering around our back yard. I’ve been watching and hoping and waiting and today it happened! She landed right in her little nest, the same nest from last year that we left alone all year long….hoping she’d come back! Maybe it’s her, maybe it’s one of her babies from last year.

Welcome back hummingbirds! Here’s to another summer of not turning on that strand of lights outside!! (Photo below courtesy of Erin’s blog and my stealing abilities) We can’t wait to document your summer here in our yard. (being dive bombed by a hummingbird as you quickly try to take a photo is a sight to see!) Yea for summer!

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