Wednesday, April 25, 2012

He’s the Man!


We had a great birthday celebration for Jeremy’s 43rd birthday: April 23, 2012. We started out with making him a delicious breakfast, an amazing lunch, and treating him like a king. When he got home from work we had just what he requested for dinner" – smoothies and a salad. Erin and I were brave and we tried a delicious new salad recipe. It was teriyaki chicken salad with mango, pineapple, almonds, celery, lettuce and such, served on croissants. Mmm, mmm was it ever good. The mango, pineapple, papaya smoothie was a huge hit as well. It was a great dinner! We had a great visit and when dinner was just about over, we pulled out this great questionnaire that we all made up. We had previously filled ours out, so we gave Jeremy his to fill out and then we compared answers. We all did great, but we did learn a few new things about Jeremy/Dad.

He was born on a Wednesday at 9:57am (he didn’t even know that!)  We all guessed how much he weighed when he was born, but that little detail isn’t listed on his birth certificate, so we’re still not sure on that one. Jeremy’s pretty sure he weighed more than Josh at birth. Some of his favorites are:

Color green, Sport to watch Basketball, Dessert fresh peach pie, Dinner salad, Drink Smoothies, Breakfast Cereal with fruit, fav thing to do at home – pull weeds / home improvement haha, fav church calling – working with the Boy Scouts (we all got that one right!!)

When he was little he wanted to be a Fireman, he wants to go on vacation to Hawaii (soon!) and the one thing he wants to do before he turns 50 is buy another boat! (Some of our answers to that one were Sky Dive, go on a vacation, build a treehouse (Zac), go paragliding, make a music video you-tube hit (haha), take a trip to Hawaii.

We all said characteristics about him which were: honest, hard-working, large in stature (he’s a buff guy!), true, amazing, always does what is right, strong and courageous – which he most definitely is!!


After dinner we all had a great game of trampoline/water balloons. They all love this game and it is pretty entertaining to watch!! IMG_1327 IMG_1328 IMG_1330The lucky birthday guy with four of his kids. (Yes, Spencer broke two bones in his hand/lower thumb area…bum deal!) IMG_1332Jeremy (43) and Amy (41) I love you honey!! Sooo happy to be married to you!! IMG_1337 The kids asked us to do “serious” faces… dad use to do in high school (see photos below) and how I would never smile when I had braces. It’s true!IMG_1339 Jeremy’s parents sent him this darling page of his growing up years. I highlighted a few years below that were our most favorites. I’m noticing now that I forgot to highlight the 6th grade bowl cut…take a look at that here!IMG_1340Ok, so 3rd grade. Those of you who REALLY know Jeremy (and his Christmas Eve tradition) should be cracking up laughing at the t-shirt he is wearing here in the 3rd grade!! None other than the famous ROCKY!!! IMG_13428th grade……Shawn Cassidy anyone?? IMG_1343 I loved these high school photos. The kids were commenting how dramatically different he was in 9th, then 10th, then 11th grade. Spencer was amazed at his NECK SIZE from freshman year to junior year! IMG_1341And below is his Senior picture. Hot guy, huh?? Still is!!   IMG_1347His favorite birthday cake…..Angel food cake with fresh strawberries and vanilla ice cream. Yummm! IMG_1352The ROCKY face…..”Yes! I blew them all out in a single blow!” IMG_1353 IMG_1354 The poster the kids made for their best, most favorite, amazing, adventurous, loving, fun, crazy dad!! Happy Birthday Jeremy! Thanks for being all that and MORE!

xoxoxoxoxo love you always!!!

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Pear Girl said...

ahhh i just got a chance to read this post now and its so cute! I love this times a million. And holy cow, Spencer looks exactly like Uncle J at his 11th grade! so awesome, love this post! :)