Friday, April 13, 2012

Thanks, Erin!

The other day while cleaning out a few things, I ran into this coupon:


Erin probably made this when she was about 8 years old…ummm, 7 years ago. I put it on her bed with a sticky note attached – I’m redeeming this coupon. Erin saw it after school and promptly put a dozen eggs under my pillow and said, “Your breakfast in bed is ready for you!”. Haha. I didn’t think anything else about it. The very next morning I faintly hear some rustling around in the kitchen and not too long later I was presented this:

111breakinbedBREAKFAST IN BED!!! 

Miss Erin had made me eggs, toast, strawberries and a tall glass of milk. The picture is from my cell phone in a mostly dark room, it was so early. Now you really have to know Erin to know what a treat this was! She is the kid I have to wake up several times each morning, because although she is at breakfast and scriptures with the fam every morning, she would MUCH rather be in bed. Thank you Erin for my delicious breakfast! Thank you for setting your alarm and getting up!! You never cease to amaze me with your kind heart and your sweet spirit. I am lucky to be your mom. Thank you for teaching me to love who I am and not worry about what others think. You are a great inspiration to me! Love you so much my most favorite middle daughter!!! xoxoxoxoxo love you always, mama


larajanepark said...

This made my day! Made me teary. Made me laugh. But mostly made me so very thankful for Erin Estella Call. She is definietly ONE OF A KIND!!! I love you all xoxoxox

xoxo erin estella said...

haha! I almost got my phone taken away in school because I set my alarm and forgot to turn it off! oh no!

Amy said...

Haha. I know, you are not used to setting your alarm in the morning! I think that's pretty funny that your alarm went off full blast in class....all because you got up that morning to make your mama breakfast in bed. It would have been worth it to have your phone taken away at school for that!! ;)

Lynda said...

one lucky mama finding a coupon that didn't expire :)