Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday’s Easter Celebrations!

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We always request that the Easter Bunny come on Saturday. And he’s such a great listener! Every year he has successfully hid our eggs, treats and such on Saturday. We like Sunday to be our day of church, family, dinner, and celebrating the life, death and resurrection of the Savior. Another family tradition….the kids each choose an egg color and those are the ones they get to find. That way the Easter Bunny can hide the older kids eggs higher and harder ;)  This year it just so happened that the Easter Bunny came while the kids were having a Mario Kart Wii tournament in the playroom. Everyone was excited when they saw that he had arrived!! (only by the evidence left behind)

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Spencer doesn’t like candy at all. He never has. This year he received some special messages in his eggs. They were all scrambled up, but he figured it out….his “treats” wouldn’t fit into eggs, so his were hiding in the front yard. He scored with two boxes of Nutter Butters (his absolute fav) and two Taco Bell gift cards (his other absolute fav).


They all had fun sorting out their treats and playing with new trinkets and toys.

The next couple of hours were spent like this:


Jeremy fixing a sprinkler while I watched :) But no worries, I mowed the lawn, front and back this morning…so I was feeling no guilt whatsoever!IMG_1153

 Jeremy and Erin then went on their adventure….after confirming the bike trails on google maps. Erin had a plan that she wanted to ride her bike to Arizona. So they did! They had to drive over to Bloomington and then the two of them rode the 10 miles to ARIZONA, the state of her birth. It was a great adventure for the two of them!


Yeah for the entire family being home to color eggs that night. We had pizza and enjoyed our time creating masterpieces.


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The last picture on the left is Spencer showing us how the three kids looked as they were drowning today in the pool. Yes, he rescued three kids while working today. What a stud.

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**no worries, Spenc is just imitating the face of his egg in the picture above!**

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We had  a great time decorating and then we each took the egg we decorated with a face of some sort and went out to the tramp to play “bum wars”….with the eggs. You put all of the eggs (we usually use balls) on the tramp and everyone jumps up, then lands on their bum, then jumps, then lands, all the while trying not to let the eggs (or balls) touch you or bounce off the tramp. I was cleaning up a little inside, and by the time I got outside (a mere 3 minutes later), the tramp & everyone outside were covered in egg, egg shell, egg whites, egg yolks. Ha. Good thing for TWO things….

1. Brooms – we swept up most of the mess, and sprayed off the rest with the hose.


2. It was NO SHOWER SATURDAY….none of us had had a shower yet since we had been working in the yard, playing, and such….so it didn’t matter that everyone was pretty much covered in Easter Eggs!


Erin made these amazing Easter “nest” cupcakes. They are so cute! Cupcakes, frosting, white chocolate covered chow mien crunchy noodles and cadbury chocolate eggs. She is so creative! I think Grace was her assistant! :)

It was a most fabulous day. I LOVED spending time as a family. Several times I thought of Lex and Brian and wished they were here with us. But they were with us in spirit and thought. Tomorrow we will go to church, enjoy a delicious Easter dinner, and relax and enjoy each other. Zac gets to give a talk in Primary tomorrow about the Savior and how He helps us and loves us always. We are so thankful for the Savior, for His constant hand in our lives. We are eternally grateful for the sacrifice He made for each of us, for the opportunity we have to live with Him again and with our families and loved ones. We are so blessed!! Happy Easter!


larajanepark said...

I love the happiness at your house! I love the eggs and Zac's faces on his and Gracie and Erin's nest cupcakes and I love that Jeremy and Erin just took a little bike ride to ARIZONA (the state of my birth too!). Spencer saving lives and loving Taco Bell, you mowing the lawn (like you always did!) The trampoline/egg sure know how to have fun :)
Happy Easter to you all. We love you so very very much. xoxox

Cindy Sharkey said...

I felt like I was there enjoying the FUN with you. Good writing Aim, you know how to pass around the joy. I love love the pictures, they say it all! Miss you all.