Saturday, March 31, 2012


IMG_1004IMG_1009  It was a pink dinner party at our house Thursday night. The menu: Pink marshmallow bunnies, pink tootsie rolls, pink strawberry creamies, pink whip cream to go with pink waffles, pink raspberry sherbet ice cream scoops topped with pink lemonade, fresh strawberries and raspberries, bacon (and scrambled eggs….which I just couldn’t attempt to turn pink, that just seemed unedible!). It was the perfect meal to celebrate the perfect event!IMG_1006 IMG_1007  CHEERS! IMG_1011 IMG_1012 IMG_1016 IMG_1020IMG_1021  IMG_1024I’m pretty sure Zac ate marshmallow bunnies for dinner.  IMG_1026My delicious pink waffle topped with fruit and pink whip cream. Yummmm! IMG_1044So, how did all of this excitement come about???  Well, I knew Lex & Brian were going in for a sonogram today. My original plan was as soon as she told me, I would bake a two layer round cake, coloring the cake either pink or blue first. Frost it and that night cut it open with the fam to reveal the new baby! But they didn’t get out of their appointment until 12:55pm – which meant I didn’t hear until……12:56pm. :) I had a 1pm meeting to be at and Grace would be home at 2pm – no time to bake a cake! I tried to think that I could bake it while they were home, and I probably could have got it done secretly – somewhat anyway – but I tried to think of a different plan.

Plan B hatched just in the nick of time. I thought of doing a PINK dinner. First I made sure that I made a big deal to all of the kids that we were eating dinner together as a family tonight – which meant waiting for Grace to be home from soccer (7pm-ish). I told them that we hadn’t eaten together in a long time (three nights) and I cherished our family dinners, so we would wait for Grace. They were all good with it. So off I went to Lins…..I walked up and down every aisle looking for PINK. Pink this and pink that. It was really quite fun – but I soon realized that most pink items are very, very sugary!

Thankfully everyone had homework and were pretty secluded to their rooms while I prepared dinner. When Grace got home and we all came to the table they were all pretty surprised to see candy bunnies, popsicles, fabulous pink drinks, the works! I told them they could have anything anytime. I’m pretty certain they got the message of how much I love and cherish family dinner time!

Pink waffles were being cooked to perfection while popsicles were being eaten, drinks ooohhed over and candy munched on. It was a big hit. The scrambled eggs with bacon were a big hit as well.

Once everyone had a plate full of food, I casually asked: “I wonder when was the last time we had our house decorated all one color like this??” (I was hinting at the fact that when we found out that Zac was a boy, I decked out the front room and entry way in blue streamers, balloons, and It’s A Boy banners …. especially for Spencer after school, since he had been praying for a brother for years!) Here’s how the rest of the conversation went:

Erin: “Umm, I think the last time we had it all one color was when we lived in Chicago and we painted everything purple!” (hmmm, never lived in Chicago or painted w/ purple!)

After a few other random thoughts, I said, “Well think about when we first heard about Zac”

Graces eyes LIT up as she said, “ALEXA’S HAVING A BOY!!!”

To which Erin shouted, “ALEXA’S HAVING A BOY!!!!”

I just looked thinking to myself huh?? You’re sitting amongst all this pink and you think boy?

Then Grace screams sooo happily: “ALEXA’S HAVING A GIIRRRRRRLLLL!!!!”

Then everyone was shouting and hooting and hollaring ALEXA’S HAVING A GIRL!!! From here on out it was just partying it up and excitement. Of course there was Spencer being a jokester said, “I’m going to cry in the bathroom!” (when gracie was born, we called home to tell everyone that it was a girl and spencer was soooo set in his mind that he only wanted a brother, that he went to the bathroom and cried! no worries, when they came to hospital to meet miss grace, we let spencer hold her first….he completely melted – it was love at first sight!)

It was a fun night. Needless to say, we would have partied it up for a new baby boy or girl! We are sooo excited for this new baby to join Lex and Brian. What great parents they are going to be. Congratulations A & B!!! IMG_1056 The two soon-to-be Uncles and Aunts!IMG_1049 IMG_1053And last, but not least, the happy, excited, can’t wait to shop GRANDPARENTS!!!!


Can’t wait to meet you baby zurchling!! Due date = September 16th – Alexa’s great great grandma mom’s birthday!


Carey Family of Four said...

YEA!!! It's a BOY!!! oh wait.... a GIRL!!! What a great dinner party! Once again you pulled off a another fun memory for your family. And your post made me cry a little. Ok... a lot. SO HAPPY FOR YOU ALL!!!! XOXO

Lynda said...

this is so great ! this little zurchling girl is soooo blessed !
mostly I love that first reaction was boy amongst all the pink way to go girls :)