Friday, March 16, 2012

Just a little Spring Break

IMG_0805Had the chance for a super-duper quick, pack-in-tons-of-talking-shopping-and-eating with this kid. Loved every minute of it. Yea for Jeremy having 3 last minute meetings in Salt Lake!

Positively the cutest couple ever! Can I add how excited we all are to find out boy-or-girl next month?? Then the shopping will really begin!!!IMG_0802IMG_0815

All 5 of these guys/gals got spring break haircuts. They are all looking pretty sharp!


We went on the famous Snow Canyon Moqui Marble hike. Kids loved it, I loved it, we all had a great time. Miss Erin posted lots and lots of pictures! I’ll post on that adventure later!

We’ve had the chance to enjoy a lot of nature, especially right in our backyard. Look at these gorgeous pictures from this morning. It was beautiful day today, so I caught a few minutes here and there to relax in my lawn chair and catch up on my book. I snuck in a few different “reading” times – the longest being when Grace, Zac, and friends decided to have a lemonade stand.

Later that afternoon, Zac came out to hang out by me. He said, “Oh mom, I bet you are SO bored!” He continued, “You have been reading for like 5 hours. (oh how I wish!!) That must be SOOOO boring! You should come do something fun with me, so you won’t be so bored.” Ha, it was so funny. I had to agree with him (wink, wink) that it was sooo boring reading today! So off we went together to spend some one-on-one time together. We had a perfect time, laughing and high fiving each other. I looooove all of our kids and feel so blessed to be their mama, even when I have such boring days such as reading a book!!!

IMG_0966IMG_0969IMG_0971IMG_0972        *special thanks to B & A for getting married last year. lots of the flowers we planted and grew last year for the open house are filling the yard with their beauty once again! I am in love with this time of year, sunshine, flowers, blue skies and beauty all around!*



xoxo erin estella said...

hey mom, I thought you said that we would've made our yard look nice even if Alexa wasn't having an open house here.... ahh.. and the truth is revealed.

Amy said...

Oh I did, they just really got the ball rolling for us!! Isn't that what big sisters are for? :)