Sunday, January 22, 2012

Junior Prom 2012


**I just blogged this whole post. And my computer got shut off. Accidently. Without saving. Yikes! So here I go again!!**

Spencer was very creative in asking Madi to Jr Prom. He was working on asking her a couple weeks before the dance, but she was on her way that very day to Mexico for a week with her family. So the day she got back she came home to this:  IMG_2894 IMG_2899 Spencer made four monkeys out of cardboard and painted them. It turned out so good! And he thought of it and did it all by himself! IMG_2923   Madi answered the very next day by door-bell ditching a banana cream pie (that was to die for delicious) with the word YES in bananas on it, along with a monkey carrying a sign that said “SPENCER, now you can go BANANAS!” (because his sign said, I’d go bananas if you’d go to Jr Prom with me!) I loved how they asked and answered each other. So cute!IMG_2926A couple weeks before all this, Varsity Basketball Coach Brown called Spencer out of his Physics class into his office. He complimented Spenc on how well he is doing in basketball and how much he appreciated his efforts. Two nights previous, Spenc hit two 3 pointers in two min in the Varsity game to get our team back in the game. Then he proceeded to tell him, “I know you feel very strongly about page 37 of our manual” (the Warrior boys basketball put out a booklet/manual of rules, etc and on page 37 it talks about being kind to team mates and absolutely no swearing. The entire team knows Spenc can’t stand swearing and he’s pretty quick to remind you of page 37) Coach Brown continues, “Well I would like to direct your attention to page 5. Do you know what page 5 says? It talks about respecting your teachers, behaving in class and getting your work done. I have received several emails from your teachers, Mrs Oberhansly and PK, about your being disrespectful in class and mouthing off. (At this point when Spenc is telling me this I am pretty much in freak out mode!) Coach Brown continued to tell him that this is not what they expect from their players and that there would be some repercussions. First, practices were going to be a lot harder. Second, there would be no more strawberry milk after practice. (Every day after practice for years, the team all gets a cho milk, something to do with the protein/carb ratio….Spenc can’t stand cho milk, so they bring one strawberry milk for him this year, haha, spoiled much??) And the third punishment….”You are on Jr Prom Royalty!” Ahhh, he totally had Spenc wondering what he was doing wrong in class and such! And it was all to tell him that he was chosen by the Junior class as one of 6 candidates for Jr Prom King. IMG_2874 For the Jr Prom assembly, each young man was paired up with a winning young woman for six couples total. Spenc was paired up with Sydney and they were to be Jay Z and Beyonce. Ha. For all of you who know Spenc, this is SO completely out of character. They had to lip sync part of a Jay Z / Beyonce song in front of the entire high school. For all of you who REALLY know Spencer, you know this is really out of character for him! He was actually fine about doing it and did an awesome job! As soon as I figure out how to edit the video, I’ll post it. It’s pretty awesome!IMG_2930 IMG_2933 Here he is with Sydney after the assembly. They went from their rapper clothes to fancy smanchy. They both did a great job at the assembly.

The next day was the big day! The planned day date had to be altered due to the first storm of the year. Six couples were planning to go hiking and a picnic. They quickly figured out a new plan of Wallyball at the Rec Center, then they took their dates out to lunch.

It is waaaaay super different having a son on the day of prom than a daughter! With Alexa, as soon as she was dropped off from her day date, she would quickly shower and then while doing hair, make-up, nails and fancy dresses, she would tell me every detail of the day! I went to find Spenc about an hour before he needed to leave to go pick up his date and this is what I found him doing….sound asleep! Ha. IMG_2969Good thing it only takes this kid thirty min from shower to tux!!

 IMG_2991    IMG_2981IMG_2982

IMG_2985Off he went to get his date Madi for the Prom. They picked up their dates and went to dinner first. Dinner and pictures were at Tom Jensens amazing house. They loved it and then headed off into St George to the Bell Tower where the dance was. He told us later that night that they called up the six King and Queen candidates. They were up on this balcony and last year’s King was the one to crown this years King. He walked around passing all of the candidates and came back to crown Spencer the Jr Prom King (did you know his dad was Freshman Prince?? with a Princess on each arm??). He said EVERYONE was congratulating him and high fiving him. How awesome!! He is an amazing young man. He is willing to stand tall and stand for the right, even if he has to stand alone.  He is honest, true, valiant, handsome, and apparently very likable! What an honor to be crowned King from the entire Junior Class student body. IMG_3007IMG_3009IMG_3005

The kids ALWAYS come into our room after a date. When Spenc got home at midnight, Erin was all ready in our bed visiting with us, so the four of us talked for over an hour about his date, being crowned the KING, and other random things of life. I love these times to meet with our kids and hear how things are going. And the quote of the night from Mr. Jr Prom King himself is: “I love it when girls eat a lot”!!! IMG_3011



lex said...

this is so so so so cute.
and i like this girl already if she eats a lot :) haha.

Cindy Sharkey said...

I love the 'coach talk', man he must have been flipping out. A handsome Prom King if I ever saw one! What sweet memories & how lucky you are that he shared them all with you.

T.I.D.S.A.H. said...

Amy, this was an adorable post!! You have some great kids!!!

memory said...

"i love it when girls eat alot."

that just made my day.