Monday, January 30, 2012

It's easier being sick when the kids have grown

I have had this terrible cold, cough, flu all weekend long. It hit me like a ton of bricks while watching Spencer's basketball game Friday night. All at once my throat started hurting so bad and my body was achy from head to toe. Misery quickly set in.

I remember the days of being sick, whether it was stomach flu or a terrible cold, with little ones at home. You still have to nurse your babies, change diapers, fill sippy cups, get snacks, read picture books, get them ready for school, take & pick up, all the things you usually do. You wonder how you are going to be able to do it feeling as sick as you are, but you do.

This weekend was much different. Unfortunately Jeremy had to work all day Saturday, so I really did have to drag myself to Grace's two basketball games. I did survive. I didn't care that anyone saw me unshowered and looking as miserable as I felt. But after coming home from that, it was a date for me with my bed. I took three naps on Saturday and after taking Nyquil that night, slept for another 11 hours. All of the kids were amazing. Spenc helped take kids here and there. They can all make their own meal, Zac's favorite being fried egg and toast which he can make 100% by himself. They were so good. As I dozed in and out between naps I marveled at how lucky I was that I could have this day to sleep and rest. I had survived the raising of small, oh so needy children during sicknesses. What a blessing!

Spencer was asked to speak in church on Sunday about the Savior and the Atonement. I did not want to miss that! I got up early, showered and got ready. Then I curled up in my bed until it was time to go. (you know that feeling when you get all ready to go somewhere on a sick day and it has completely worn you out all ready, so you have to lay back down to get ready to get up?) He did such an amazing job. I love that kid. As soon as he was done, I was off to home for another date with my bed. It was a lazy day filled with kleenex, vicks (mmm, I love that stuff when I'm sick), chapstick and movies.

I am so thankful for the times when I was able to cuddle my little ones, watch extra movies and show after show on PBS when we were sick. But I must say, it is much more relaxing to be sick when the kids are grown.

ps I was oh so happy to wake up and read this fabulous news! I've known for a couple weeks, I've just been waiting for it to be announced!!! Congratulations Brian and Lex!!


larajanepark said...

I love this post. Because I can totally relate. It's nice to have such responsible kids. You have done a fabulous job with your family and it sure shows Amy. I vote you best mom!
I love you sissy

Carey Family of Four said...

And i love this post because i know there is hope for my kids to someday take care of themselves when i am sick and in bed for hours and days at a time. i hope you are feeling much better Gramma to be!!!!! so excited for your family! i am already thinking of taking Momma To Be out for a little shopping trip!

Cindy Sharkey said...

You have great children. You and Jer have raised them right with lots of love and laughter, the perfect mix. Hope you are better now. I would have loved to hear Spence speak, he is quite a guy.

Purposely at Home said...

so sorry you have been sick...something has been going around here too....:( i hope you are back to 100% now. :)

congrats on being a grandmommy....lex's blog is such a blessing in my life!