Saturday, February 11, 2012

State swim and such

This past weekend we had to chance to go up and watch Erin swim State at BYU! Yea for the freshman! I wrote about this whole thing on and believe me when I say that if you use blogger to update your blog you are insane!! I used to use blogger and switched to Windows Live Writer. Best decision ever. Somehow I just started up blogger and it was a mess! Pictures get put wherever it feels like it and are nearly impossible to move around. So, to prevent any oncoming damage to my computer or nearby surroundings, I just shut er down. Yep, lost the whole blog post on purpose!! So now….two days later…I am ready to let you know how awesome that weekend was!!!

The best sum up ever is found HERE!!! Seriously, best video ever. Thanks Lex! Here are a few more pics to document the weekend!


Do your kids ever plug their noses when they pass a cemetery? And notice that the boys are all squished together, even though the entire back row of seats are empty! Love it!

We drove up early, early Saturday morning and spent a very busy weekend between Provo, Orem, Mapleton and Spanish Fork. We started out at BYU with a game of bowling. Laura and her darling kids, Stevie and Suzie, met us there. What fun we had!

  IMG_3075 IMG_3077What would we do without you, Lex?? Perfect pic’s every time!!

IMG_3078 Grace had some great ways of bowling……this one got her a STRIKE!!!

IMG_3080IMG_3083The glowing couple! It was so great to see them!! IMG_3082  This is my darling nephew and niece. They were somewhat perplexed by Spencer. I’m not sure what it was. Maybe his height. Or his smile. Or that all around handsom-ness. Whatever it was, they just weren’t too sure of him. I took this picture (above) as Spencer was just about to bowl….look at their priceless faces!  After bowling we went over to the Creamery for ice cream! After a great visit, it was time to say good bye. Grace and Suzie had really hit it off and were great buddies. Everyone was busy giving hugs and such, but cute little Suzie when it was her turn to hug Spencer, she said “no!”. Ha. It was so funny. So she hugged Grace again, and even came over to Jeremy to give him a hug. At that point, Spenc said, “Hey, do I get a hug now?” and she just looked at him and said no! It was so funny. But no worries, Spenc was all good since the amazing Laura baked him his own batch of his most favorite Peanut Butter cookies!! Soooo sweet!!! We had a great visit!IMG_3085 IMG_3086 IMG_3091After that we were heading out to get a few errands done, when we were randomly driving by the $1 Theater. Ha. We kind of assessed the situation and realized everyone was worn out. So, unlike us, we pulled up and found a movie, well two movies, that would work and off we went. We are the planners and such, so to randomly stop at a movie was so weird! But we enjoyed the relaxing break.

After that we were on sprint mode. Off to Costco for pizza, dropping off the kids to B&A, so Jer and I could head back to BYU to watch this superstar fly through the water. (in the blue swimsuit below). She did amazing! 100 free, knocked 3 seconds off her best time! Way to swim Erin!! IMG_3092 IMG_3094 IMG_3096While we were cheering on Erin…..with hundreds of other well-wishers, the kids were rocking out with Brians drums, microphone, guitars and such.  IMG_3097 We had a great visit with Gram and Gramp. We played games that afternoon and I realized I probably shouldn’t sit by Alexa. It’s kind of like sitting by Jill during games growing up.


Last, but not least, we stopped by the Josh Call family household to meet our newest niece. Boo that I don’t have any pictures of that….but I was too busy trying to get as much baby-holding time as possible for myself!! She is darling and beautiful and it was so good to see their family. Hopefully next time we can play longer!!

It was a great weekend. Just one question for you….does the car ride home from any trip always seem longer that it took to get there for you, too??


Cindy Sharkey said...

Wow, what a busy and fun weekend. Gotta love that Erin in the swim meet as a FRESHMAN! Great accomplishment.

memory said...

if that's what it takes to get a strike, i'm on it.


Carey Family of Four said...

This is a great post!!!!! We had such a fun time with you all that day. My kids are so goofy. Suzie really was not all that sure about Spencer. But she did LOVE Gracie! Cute girls have to stick together to keep those "all around handsome" guys at bay. And I also think a car ride home seems to take longer. I think that it is that us Mamas are just so tired from making the weekend happen perfectly. XOXO