Saturday, January 21, 2012

Elder Tyler Brooks came home!

Our wonderful friends, Warren and Benita Brooks, welcomed home their son, Tyler Brooks from his mission. He served in Oklahoma from January 2010 – January 2012. On the evening of Tuesday, January 3rd we had the privilege of gathering at the St. George airport to welcome him home.

My most favorite photo is pictured below. My dear friend, Benita Brooks’ reaction to seeing her most amazing son after two years!!! Priceless!!

IMG_2773The first hug went to Ty’s brother Chris. Those two boys hadn’t seen each other in three and a half years! Chris left on his mission to Montana, and a year and a half later Ty left for Oklahoma. Oh I love these boys!!IMG_2774IMG_2775Second hug…!! She’s waited a long time for this hug!IMG_2776Ty giving his baby sister Mikelle, (aka Grace’s best friend) a BIG hug! His comment to Mikelle was, “Look how big you are! You’re almost taller than Chris!” :)IMG_2780There were many other hugs, but last, but surely not least was a big hug for dad. Oh how I love this family. The spirit that was there was amazing. Everyone was so excited to be reunited with Ty. I can only imagine that this is how our reunions in heaven will be when we meet again with loved ones who have passed away. IMG_2778 Warren and Benita loving every second of this night!IMG_2784       Finally, the Brooks boys are back together again. I pretty much can envision them as the Three Muskateers. Mike (left) is married, Tyler is holding his son Dayton. When Ty left on his mission Dayton had just turned one. They got acquainted pretty quick that night!! Chris is in the middle. Can’t you just see the happiness in these boys? I loved this night and was so happy to be a part of it!


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these are the cutest. photos. ever!