Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

 geckothon 134 geckothon 135 geckothon 136 geckothon 138 We had a lot of fun this Christmas. The kids weren’t up too early….6:45am, but let us sleep until 7am. Lucky us. :) I love Christmas morning simply because of the kids. It is sooo fun to see their excitement, love for each other and anticipation. It was a great day! Zac got a remote controlled helicopter, Grace got a cake decorating kit (which was the ONLY thing she wanted!) along with cake mixes, frosting, decorations, cupcake liners, and cupcake pans, Erin the swimmer girl got a waterproof ipod for the many miles of laps she swims each day, and Spenc got the Adobe Flash program he really wanted. Tradition is that the kids open their stocking first and then take turns opening their Santa present. After that, Jeremy hands out gifts in any random order while we take turns oooooing and awwwwing at everyone!

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geckothon 157

  This year Erin made me “eco-friendly” bowl covers. So instead of using saran wrap over leftovers and such, you can use these eco friendly covers that can easily be washed. Erin, you are sooo creative! We just decided to use them as shower caps for a few minutes. Ha.

geckothon 158

    The boys taking a practice flight of the new helicopter. . . . not sure which one loved it most??

geckothon 189

That afternoon we all went to church for our hour service. Maybe the kids were up earlier than I previously mentioned?? Because one by one they each fell asleep at church! Ha, this has never happened before. Grace was out first (which she had good reason, for later in the night she was the one with the fever), followed by Erin, then Spencer and finally Zac. They were all sound asleep. Geez. Hopefully they were feeling the spirit, since they were sitting so still and quiet ;)

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Grace had to for sure try out her cake decorating kit and she did a great job! That was followed by a four square game with Zac’s new ball…yes with everyone still in their new pjs playing outside!

geckothon 184geckothon 230geckothon 195

Christmas is not complete without excellent chocolate and a good movie! Thank you family for such a great day! We also got to talk to Lex and Brian, who had a most fabulous Christmas celebrating their FIRST of MANY Christmas’s together! We are so very blessed. Although it is fun to receive new toys and such, the true blessings are our health, happiness, family, friends, loved ones, and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are RICH indeed!!

Merry Christmas!


lex said...

this is so adorable! :) i love the pajamas, the picture of you and dad is adorable, and all the fun new presents! :) grace did such a great job on her cupcakes, LOVE LOVE LOVE! see you guys soon!

Cindy Sharkey said...

I am smiling from ear to ear, so wonderful to share your wonderful Christmas. Thank you