Saturday, December 24, 2011

We love Christmas Traditions!

geckothon 027Every year we set out our wooden nativity. Next to it we put a little baggie of hay, or if we are missing our bag of hay, we put out a bag or bowl of small pieces of soft yarn. During the month of December, whenever we do an act of service to someone we add a piece of hay or yarn to the baby Jesus’ bed…in hopes that on Christmas Day, He will have a soft spot to lay on His birthday from the good deeds we have done. It is a favorite tradition that we have had for many years.

This year we added another tradition, for we will continue this one for years to come. We made a paper Christmas tree and put it up on the door. Grace made a bunch of blank paper ornaments. We all had the opportunity to write on the ornaments things about the Savior. I loved reading what everyone wrote. It is one of my most favorite decorations this year! Keep on reading below to see up close some of the ornaments. geckothon 014geckothon 016 geckothon 015  geckothon 017 geckothon 018 geckothon 019geckothon 021 geckothon 024geckothon 022geckothon 026geckothon 023geckothon 020     geckothon 025  

**The one you may need a little translating is the green ornament on the top row. The little girl I watch, Ashlynn, wrote that one. It reads, “Jesus helps everyone whenever sad” I love every single ornament on the tree and this will be a yearly tradition!! Thanks Gracie for making this happen!!


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Cindy Sharkey said...

I love the ornament tree- good job Gracie! I bet baby Jesus had a very soft bed on his birthday...