Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

1    4  We had a fabulous Thanksgiving, and Alexa documented it perfectly on her blog HERE!! While they were here that weekend, she had SO MANY photoshoots, that the only time she had to squeeze us in lasted 15 minutes….and then the sun was gone! But we managed to get some great pictures. We can never have a photoshoot without a goofy shot and a kissing shot (Jeremy LOVES this one!)6 9 It was a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend, one of my most favorite ever! As we celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas, I am most grateful for my family, our health, the love and closeness we feel and how we always manage to help each other out – in word and deed – when one of us is feeling low, sad, or having a tough day. We have our fair share of trials. We have our fair share of disagreements. But mostly we have more than our share of love, which is the best!

Earlier this fall our Bishop challenged us to finish the Book of Mormon as a family by the end of the year. We had all ready been reading as a family, so we were about half way done then. We have had the awesome privilege of reading together around the breakfast table every morning at 7am for about fifteen minutes. We wanted to finish it by Christmas as our gift to the Savior. We love the scriptures! We love the Bible and we love the Book of Mormon. We love how they testify of the Saviors life, ministry, pure love, sacrifice, and infinite love. We love the spirit that is in our home. We love the closeness we feel. We love the promised blessings of peace and love that envelop us as we strive to live as the Savior has taught us to do.  We love the Savior. We love this time of year that we get to celebrate His birth, His life and the amazing sacrifice He made for each of us.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Love, the Call family

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Cindy Sharkey said...

Amen. What a wonderful story you have, your whole family. Enjoy, smile, be happy!