Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

geckothon 029I think the best part of Christmas Eve is that Jeremy takes the day off. What a treat for the kids, and me! Zac pretty much kept him occupied all day long. He loved spending time with his daddy! That night our most fabulous neighbors decided to start a new Christmas Eve tradition by taking us all out to Olive Garden. Mmmmmm. “Uncle Rick” and “Aunt Lisa” are the best! We had a great time at dinner and then went to the temple to walk around (umm, walk off some of those breadsticks!) and see the lights and the nativity. A most amazing place to be on the Eve of celebration of the Saviors birth.geckothon 031geckothon 033geckothon 034geckothon 035geckothon 036geckothon 040geckothon 045geckothon 050geckothon 053geckothon 054geckothon 056geckothon 057               geckothon 059 geckothon 062 

   When we got home it was Christmas Eve PJ time! Everyone always loves getting new jammies! We also finished the last chapter of the scriptures together. It was an awesome experience! geckothon 064 The excitement was waaaayyy high, so off they went to pour oatmeal outside and leave carrots in random places for Santa’s reindeer. No one wants to be hungry on Christmas!geckothon 071geckothon 074geckothon 097geckothon 120

The rest of the night we kept busy updating the Santa Tracker on the computer, making lots of silly faces, playing a game of Risk, making a breakfast casserole for morning…thank you Erin for eating the crusts of the bread that I didn’t need…and finishing out the night with none other than:

ROCKY! (a jeremy call tradtion)

geckothon 133  geckothon 101 geckothon 102 geckothon 103 geckothon 111 geckothon 114   geckothon 122 geckothon 125WE LOVE CHRISTMAS EVE!!!


lex said...

hahahahah rocky!!! awesome tradition :) love you guys, you all look so cute!!

Cindy Sharkey said...

The best! Love all the pictures..