Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Grace’s big day!

geckothon 001Grace was quick to come home one day and excitedly tell me that she was signing up for the Geckothon (Lava Ridge Intermediate’s Triathlon). This was made available to the first 40 girls and the first 40 boys from the school (consisting of 6th and 7th graders) to sign up. With her competitive nature, she was excited to start training and get ready for the big day! The race consisted of a 12 lap swim, following by a 4 mile bike ride and ending with a 2 mile run. Here is Grace on the right, with her dear friend Alivia. These two trained and worked hard for the big day! Here they are ready to start.geckothon 002Jeremy and I were able to cheer her on at the pool. Then came the bike ride, which I missed seeing her at because I was helping a couple of the swim girls in the locker room. She was too fast! I did make it to the school to see her run. Below she is coming around for her second mile of the race. She was a trooper!geckothon 003Ah! She made it to the finish line in 45 minutes!! She was 7th overall for the girls. She was so happy and LOVED the triathlon. Her birthday buddy Mikelle was the first to congratulate her. Happy 12th birthday Mikelle! geckothon 004After the race, Grace, Alivia and Georgia planned to go to Menchies…the serve your own yogurt place. Yum. They deserved it! These three are all on the same competitive soccer team, Bombers Crush, AND have the exact same birthday, August 28, 2000. Alivia was born in the morning, Georgia was born around noon, and Grace was born last at 9pm. I think it’s pretty rare to find someone so close, so amazing and so fun that shares a birthday with you…let alone TWO!!

geckothon 007They were sooo thrilled with their great finish, that they had to deck out the chalk board at Menchies. “Finishers of the Geckothon….Georgia Dickson, Alivia Hinton & Grace Call…Swim 12 laps, Bike 4 miles, Run 2 miles” geckothon 009 geckothon 010     Look at those priceless (proud!) faces! We couldn’t be proud of you Grace, Alivia and Georgia. Way to accomplish your goal, finish and love it! We love you!! 


larajanepark said...

wow! That's one AMAZING GIRL you have!! So proud!!

Grace said...

Thanks MOM!!!!!!! Love you!!!!!

Cindy Sharkey said...

What a girl! I am so proud of you Grace, to make up your mind to do it, do workouts, and finish. You are a leader. Bravo!!!

lowercase letters said...

what a sweet family you have! i love reading your daughter's blog {he and i}. this is gonna sound creepy and nosey but i love reading your comments on her posts too, hehe(: they're always so sweet and encouraging, plus you always mention stuff we never hear about on the blog(;