Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Alexa Marie!

7 From the minute we found out we were expecting you, we were in love! From the day you were born, your gorgeous, big brown eyes and beautiful smile captured our hearts and lit up any room you were in. We will ever be thankful for you in our family! Thank you for being the sweet, spiritual, beautiful, Christ-like daughter of God that you are. We are forever blessed to have you in our family. Happy 20th birthday sweetheart!8img188Once a dessert lover, always a dessert lover! 1st Birthday10You learned to control the remote at a young age….sorry Brian!4The band-aid on your forehead is from your fall at the hotel onto the window sill, resulting in a few stitches. That would be one of the first of many falls you took in your life :)13 Mmm, you’ll take dessert, dough, frosting, anytime!5You and your brother starred as sheep, with Dad as your shepherd, for the church Christmas play. Everyone thought you two were sooo cute!14 You with your new baby “Spencer”. When your little brother was born you got your very own baby. Whenever I was done bathing your brother, you would bath your own baby. You loved babies, always have, always will! 3 years old11Those big brown beautiful eyes can melt hearts!!17 You with your new baby sister Erin, and all of your other favorite babies. 1 You’ve ALWAYS loved to play in the rain! You & Spencer…Bountiful, Utah. 2

Kindergarten! You LOVE school and everyone at school loves you! Several of your report cards read “I love having Alexa in our class” and “Alexa is a shining star in the classroom – 1st grade teacher” Guess you learned the art of sucking up to your teachers early?? ;) Or maybe it was just those gorgeous brown eyes and beautiful smile at work!!3One of your favorite shows to watch is “Arthur” on PBS. You are also an excellent artist as you can tell from the picture above!15Happy 8th Birthday! A new umbrella for the rain-loving kid!16Lovin your baby sister Gracie!img010Lucky you and Spencer got to go to Hawaii over Spring Break, 6th grade. Fun times!Picture 209              So many fun Christmas traditions…pajamas, gingerbread houses, all the kids sleeping in one room, reindeer food, Gilmore Girl marathons, (ohhh we need to do that again!), sleeping in, staying up all night, and loving being together!IMG_2589copycopy   Miss Lex and her buddy Zac. He cried for weeks every night after you left for college. Good thing you guys come visit often!!IMG_0848  You couldn’t have found a better best friend! You and Brian are two of the luckiest people I know to have each other.

I could write a novel about the great fun we’ve had…our Hawaii trip, decorating cars, late night talks, secret missions in the neighborhood, making posters and more posters, chalking, laughing, snap-snap, Gilmore Girls, cupcakes, mother daughter lunches, becoming pro wedding coordinators, not to mention caterers, florists, decorators, etc., killing people with kindness, smiling when we’re just about ready to loose it, singing in our off key voices at the top of our lungs with the sunroof open, finding way good deals and re-doing my bedroom the week dad was at Scout camp, becoming lovers of spray paint, thrift shop hopping all day long and scoring some treasures of a lifetime, laughing together, crying together, and always being there for each other. I’d say we have it pretty good!

Although we aren’t with you on your birthday this year, you are in our hearts and thoughts! We love you and hope that you have the most amazing day! Thank you for the love, happiness, laughter, and great joy you bring into our lives! You will always be my first born, precious little girl. Once a princess, always a princess.


IMG_3862 copy[2] Love always, your most favorite mama! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


Carey Family of Four said...

You have a Wonderful Daughter! Beautiful inside and out! Delightful and Fun. Helpful and Caring. So fun to be around. But you know all this. You did a great job raising Lex!

larajanepark said...

Beautiful Birthday tribute to the first Sharkey Great Grandchild!! You sure did a good job raising this kid, sister! She is amazing, just like her mama. xoxoxox

lex said...

ahhh i love this! made me get all teared up! :) love you so much mama dearest!! :)