Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy 15th Birthday Erin!

 17  Happy Birthday Erin!! Although your big sister prayed and prayed for you to be born on her 5th birthday (so she could have a real live doll to play with), you wanted your own day and arrived two days later, November 9th, 1996. You were born on a sunny Saturday morning. We were all soooo excited for your arrival. From day one you were your own YOU! You were born with fair skin, light fuzzy blonde hair, and looong legs, arms and fingers. I called you my little bird baby. I was so in love with you. You were an amazing baby. Maybe because you knew you were third and just had to be good. Or maybe you were being good before your spunky personality came to life! You were calm, happy, sweet, and beautiful. I loved holding you all hours of the night, cuddling with you and smiling back at you. You melted the hearts of all those who saw you. Spencer, Alexa and Dad were also three of your favorites. Just look at those gorgeous eyes and that beautiful face! You were a doll!erin bday 001 erin bday 002Your cute little personality came to life as you became mobile. You thought it was the funniest thing to unroll the toilet paper any time you could! How could I ever get mad at such a darling little happy face like that??erin bday 003 Mmm, snow! We lived in Bountiful from the time you were 5 months old until you were 31/2. You loved the snow, especially eating it! Look at that darling face!erin bday 004One winter we were all really sick, but you just didn’t get better. You ended up in the emergency room and spent the week in the hospital. You were pretty miserable with the worst case of pneumonia your doctor had ever seen. Boo. It was so sad, but I spent the entire time at the hospital with you, I never went home. It looks like you have a broken arm, but they just had to tape down the iv so you wouldn’t pull it out. Spencer brought you the balloon and Alexa brought you your favorite baby doll. Under the blue package of wipes is a board book about Kitties, that we must have read a thousand times. It was your favorite book and you just wanted me to read it again and again. We were so thankful when you were finally well enough to go home! erin bday 008This is you shouting out “Santa is coming to my house!” Your chocolate face is from eating treats off of your Gingerbread house! Christmas time is one of your favorite times of the year. erin bday 007Your big sister had put curlers in her hair and after seeing her, you wanted them too!  erin bday 006   Don’t let that gorgeous smile deceive you….you are a sneaky little one! You are spunky, funny, smart (very smart!), confident, full of energy and always ready for fun!erin bday 009You loved helping with baby Grace. erin bday 010Here you are all ready for swim lessons. Look at that face, so full of confidence! Little did we know then that you would swim junior olympics as a 11 year old and swim on the high school team! erin bday 011Ballerina for a year. You were the spunky ballerina always off twirling on your own or making up some dance that was much faster and full of life than typical ballet music. Such a fun kid! erin bday 012Scuba diving at Monterey Bay, Ca. One of your dreams has always been to swim with the dolphins!erin bday 013Helping with baby Zac. You LOVED holding him! Look at that gorgeous smile. You are such a beautiful girl Miss Erin!erin bday 014 famSpunky, beautiful and ALL YOU!IMG_7445  Gorgeous, happy and such a great sister!!gram october 006   I am blessed beyond measure (see the tape measure above, ha) to be your mama! You have taught me patience, love, how to be confident and not worry about what others may think. You are amazingly creative, kind, caring, and considerate. I love how you have a love of the elderly, just like I do. You are a great friend to others and so fun to be around. You have a sense of humor that cracks us up daily. I love your contagious laugh and your spunky smile. You know how to light up a room and are the life of the party with your party-it-up personality! I love you sooo much and hope you have a wonderful 15th birthday. I am forever thankful that you were born into our family. You are amazing and I love, love, love you! the pics to blog 076HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY MISS ERIN!

I love you forever! Enjoy your special day!

love always, mama

ps watch out drivers….she’s going in to get her permit next week! yikes!

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Carey Family of Four said...

You are so BLESSED to have such wonderful girls to celebrate in this month of Thanksgiving.