Sunday, November 6, 2011

Just a little Karate and telling Gram good bye


gram october 025One night, Zac got out the duck tape and made himself a karate belt. Then of course, it’s a must that you practice karate. By jumping off of the kitchen bench and table onto the floor. Hiiiiiii-ya! gram october 026gram october 027  Mr. Silver Belt in Karate. Watch out!

gram october 028

Friday morning it was time to say Good Bye to Gram! Grace is the first to head out the door at 7:25am. Followed by Miss Erin and Spencer at 8am. Bye Gramma! Don’t worry, you’re not shrinking…..we’re growing!!

gram october 030

gram october 035The elementary school kids leave at 8:45am. Zac really, really didn’t want Gramma to leave!      

gram october 034

Thank you my beautiful mama for coming out to visit us. Thank you for the lunch dates we had, the funny moments (“here, let me get that hair off you”…while I am trying to get out of a tight parking spot in my big car, “you’ve got mail in the playroom” “what? you got the mail again?” “nooo, we’re watching you’ve got mail (the movie) in the playroom” and “while you were sleeping in the living room”….), enjoying the sunshine while we took walks and just visited in the chairs outside. You were always one step ahead of me….well, maybe more like ten steps ahead of me, when it came to starting (or re-spinning the washer machine a million times), emptying the dishwasher, cleaning up something, walking the dog, and everything else you did! You are a pro! Thank you for your smiling beauty, your kind words, your sweet spirit and the amazing love that you share with us. It has been a blessed ten days having you here. Miss you all ready!! Come back sooooooon! Love you always sweet mom of mine. xoxoxooxoxoxoxox Aim

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