Thursday, November 10, 2011

A great day, and then came the day after…

erin 007 erin 008 erin 009

Erin had a great birthday! We had a family dinner her choice: fettuccini alfredo, english cucumbers and pretty please…breadsticks from pizza/pasta factory. Yummm! It was delicious and we enjoyed being together. Spencer had just arrived home from his last day of basketball try outs, so we were awaiting the results…. 

erin 010Pizza Factory breadsticks are the best! 

Zac and his cucumber face!erin 011 erin 013After dinner was present time! She got many fun things, among them…. Ms. Food Face plate. Ha. You can put your food strategically on the plate to make her face decorated. So Erin!!

Erin also requested cheesecake with raspberries for her “cake”! It was so delicious.  erin 015Then it was off to youth night for a canned food drive! Happy Birthday Miss Erin!! erin 017Then came the day after…. the “please, please mom can we go get my permit? please?” We went out and she only had to take the permit test once! See how thrilled she was (below)?? We quick ran an errand and went to lunch (no she did not drive) and then we stopped by an empty church parking lot on the way back to school so she could have her first time driving (well, other than the sneaky driving that she and her cousins did this summer at Gramma’s farm!). Let’s just say that she did just about how Alexa did her first time driving. I’ll leave that for you to imagine…. erin 020 erin 022 erin 023 Such a beautiful 15 year old! Love you Miss Erin. We should have plenty of bonding time together cruising the church parking lot together as you practice before you hit the roads! xoxoxoxoxoxo mama

ps Spencer made the high school basketball team. Yea for him!


Purposely at Home said...

yay for her! i remember when i got my exciting!! :)

i love your blog. found it through your daughters blog...both of you are so fun and such an inspiration.

Carey Family of Four said...

GOOD JOB ERIN & SPENCER! Looks like you both will be keeping your Mama busy, busy for the rest of the school year.