Friday, October 7, 2011

Viva Las Vegas….again

the pics to blog 037

(Above: Grace, the amazing Coach Brent and Addie (aka Bob) waiting to sub in to game #2)

It seems like we are in Vegas a lot with our kids different teams, playing in different tournaments. This time it was Grace’s turn. It was a HOT day in Vegas, 105, and we about melted! The girls played two games, both on the same horrible field. Yikes! We played two U12 teams (we are U11). We played amazing the first game, but not as hot the second game. We were pretty worn out. I didn’t get any pictures of the first game, silly me.

Between games we all went to the food court of the mall with our picnic lunches that we packed with us. We were all happy to have a spot to cool off and relax until game two. Here are Alivia, Grace and Georgia enjoying their Dairy Queen. These three girls are on the same team, go to the same school, in the same grade, AND share the exact same birthday! August 28th, 2000 was a great day for us three moms! Look at those beauties!  the pics to blog 032 the pics to blog 033

Grace and Alivia as Referees! Having some fun in the sporting goods store. the pics to blog 035 the pics to blog 036

For some reason, I really like this picture. Grace waiting to sub in with her coach. Blue sky, green grass, playing soccer. It was a great (albeit long and hot) day! Go Bombers Crush!!

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