Saturday, October 8, 2011

Just another update

 the pics to blog 040

Picture day! Zac and Ashlynn were all ready to go! Ashlynn choose a darling pick dress and wanted her hair done like a princess. She did great sitting still for so long to get those curls done. Zac was thrilled to choose whatever outfit he wanted for picture day. Alexa will be taking our family photos later this month, so I wasn’t purchasing the ones from the school (I finally learned that I do not have to purchase un-centered photos from the school….it took me long enough!) 

For some reason, they just can’t take pictures without being S I L L Y !the pics to blog 041 the pics to blog 043 Early morning Gracie girl riding her bike to school. Spencer’s car next to her, affectionately named Lulu (by Alexa), still carries that name. Awww.the pics to blog 052

Zac lost his tooth. He was reading with his dad while wiggling and twisting his loose tooth. He was so surprised and excited when it came out! Miracle of all miracles, the tooth fairy came on the FIRST night! ;)the pics to blog 057

 Ashlynn and Erin, both being a little crazy. It was 80’s dress up day for Miss Erin. Although she looks kind of like Rainbow Child from the 60’s, but she can pull off anything! Love your spirit Erin!the pics to blog 053 the pics to blog 054  The NEW haircut! Erin decided just this week that she wanted something new. I think it looks amazing on her! She can pull off any haircut, but I really love this one. Not to mention her most darling outfit. Below are Spenc and Erin both trying to out do each other in height by standing on their tippy toes. Love you two! the pics to blog 058 the pics to blog 060

We’ve had a bit of a cold front move through, can you tell? Erin trying to keep warm with her ear muffs. Love you my spunky, beautiful, talented, oh-so-crafty, amazing daughter. xoxoxoxoxo love, your favorite mama

ps If you want to see some of her amazing, crafty talent then go here.

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