Friday, October 7, 2011

Just a little Swiss Days

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We arrived at Swiss Days a little earlier than we had wanted to, so we filled the hour we had watching the Bell Ringing Swiss Ladies perform (pretty cool I must admit). Zac found refuge in my i-touch, and Ashlynn decided to take pictures of us. It was a great time. They especially enjoyed the extra large cotton candy they got! Yummm!

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Ride em cowboy and cowgirl! Ash and Zac had a great time at the hands-on Swiss days activities. They got to make candles, a ring made out of nail, bead necklaces and brand wood. It is always a great event and a tradition for us to attend. We are so thankful for our pioneer ancestors and for all they did to settle the various parts of the country that we are so blessed to live in today.

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larajanepark said...

Wow, cool Swiss Days! I don't remember you ever telling me about this event, but it looks like loads of fun. I hope Ashlynn's family realizes what a treasure they have in you as sub-mom for their lucky and beautiful little girl.