Saturday, October 8, 2011

Spencer is going to Homecoming….today!

Spencer is actually on his day date for homecoming as this gets posted! So, you wonder how I have pictures of him all ready dressed up for tonight? Well, first you have to know something about this kid. He HATES it when we spend money on him. He doesn’t like spending full price for anything (sound like me??) and if he can make do with what he has, he will. So he told me that he did not want to spend $50 to rent a tux for one night. No way. He said he was going to wear his suit from Alexa's wedding instead. Deal. I bought him two different bow ties (he told me when he saw them on his bed in the bag that I bought them in that he was mad that I spent $$ on him. I convinced him that it was a good purchase, we could use them many times and save them for Zac!) Geez! He had some black Sunday shoes, but they weren’t like the fancy “plastic shiny Barbie shoes” (as Spencer calls them) that you get when you rent a tux. Yesterday I just happened to stop by the DI (our amazing thrift store), just poking around for nothing inparticular, when I ran into these beauties…look on his feet! Shiny, black, size 13, barely used “barbie” shoes, ha, for a whopping $4. Yeah. I told Spenc that day that I got him some shoes to go with his suit and he gave me the “if you spent too much, just take them back” look. He was pleased when I told them they were four dollars. Yeah for me and yeah for being blessed to find good deals!!

So, back to the question…. why do I all ready have fancy pictures of the kid? I asked him ever-so-politely to try on the whole sha-bang so I could make sure we were covered for Saturday. And being the good kid he is, he did! He looks amazing and quite handsome like his father, wouldn’t you say?

the pics to blog 068  the pics to blog 062 the pics to blog 064 the pics to blog 065  the pics to blog 067

I will post real homecoming pictures with his date soooooon!

Love you handsome son of mine!

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