Saturday, October 8, 2011

Family Night!

One of the most favorite nights of the week is Monday. Family Night. We LOVE family night. From the time our kids were little they would say, “Is tonight Monday? Is it Family Night?” We’ve had family night since we were married. Going on twenty one years this tradition. Yep. Best night ever.

Two years ago Erin made me this crafty delight for family home evening. It gives you an idea of what we do. Someone “conducts”, welcoming us all out to family night. (we usually all meet in the living room). We sing an opening song (yikes!) and say a prayer. Then someone shares a scripture. Next is the lesson. We all take turns and have had lessons on character principles (honesty, being a good friend, talents, etc), scripture stories, baptism, the Savior, the list is endless. You get to choose and present your very own lesson. (we have lots of “helps” around to look through!) We sing a closing song and have a closing prayer. Then we have an ACTIVITY and TREAT. Yummy!

**Yes, Alexa, you are still on our family night chart! Don’t worry, we cover for you when it’s your turn for something. In fact, I think when we all wrote you and B those fun letters was when it was YOU on activity!**

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Last week, Grace got to choose the activity and she picked to ride the newly acquired go-cart. The kids were out with Jeremy when they saw this fancy toy at a yard sale that they just couldn’t do without. It came with a fiberglass shell on it that makes it really look like a mini-indy! (although they took it off for now for some reason, not sure!) We drove it down the street to the church parking lot and had at it. (only I didn’t because I was still in recovery mode from the flu) Boo.

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  the pics to blog 047  Ha, I love this pic of Erin. Look at her face! the pics to blog 049the pics to blog 051 the pics to blog 050 We all had a great time. We all love family night. No worries, we do things together on other nights as well, but Monday night is 100% ours. No meetings or working late. It’s 100% FAMILY time, and we LOVE it!

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