Saturday, October 8, 2011


Eight posts in two days?

Thinkin’ I have some time on my hands? Ha. Tricked you. It’s Friday morning as I type this, actually as I typed all previous EIGHT posts. That’s just how I work. The pictures kind of pile up on the camera waiting for me to have an hour or two. Well, I found that hour or two this morning. And I did an “Alexa”, set a publish date / time for each blog post. So it kind of looks like I’ve blogged a few times Friday and a few times Saturday, but really, I did it all Friday morning. Just thought I’d try it out.

Cause finding time to regularly blog just doesn’t happen around here. Yet. Maybe one day.

Happy weekend to you. Happy Sunday tomorrow!

PS I found this darling Christmas craft. It’s just rolled up paper and a few buttons. Pretty cute, huh? Hoping one of these decorates my house this year! I’ll keep you posted!

cute christmas paper tree

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