Sunday, October 9, 2011


the pics to blog 075

  First stop: Car Wash! Erin and I took my car out for a little vacuum and clean up so Spencer and Kimball could take their dates out in a clean car!the pics to blog 076 the pics to blog 078 The boys, Spencer and Kimball,  polishing their shoes and below, all ready to go. They wanted a picture with their “serious” faces.the pics to blog 082Tammy Truman, Brenden’s mom, and I hosted dinner for the 6 gorgeous couples. We had it at the Trumans house and served salads, rolls, this most amazing delicious bbq steak, baked potatoes and steamed carrots. We also had delicious drinks of Sprite and Lime Sherbet ice cream. Following was chocolate covered strawberries, mints and chocolates. Then they headed off to the dance. They all came over after the dance for hot fudge sundaes, or plain vanilla ice cream as Spencer would choose! It was a beautiful night. A lot of hard work, but worth it! If you’re the one ever doing a dinner for prom, etc… the easiest way to do it is to figure out about how much you will spend to feed everyone and then charge a certain amount for each couple. We had each couple pay $15. That included all of dinner, dessert and drinks. It’s nice to be able to help the boys save money! They all had a great time and I was very lucky to be able to work together with Tammy. She’s darling and so easy to work with. We compliment each other very well!

the pics to blog 083 the pics to blog 084 the pics to blog 085 the pics to blog 087    the pics to blog 089the pics to blog 091Spencer with his beautiful date Rebecca (Becky) and Brenden with his gorgeous date Ashley.  the pics to blog 092the pics to blog 094

Spencer got his date home by midnight and then we were able to hear all of the dance details and such. Sounds like this handsome guy had a great night! Thanks for being such a well mannered, handsome son! We love you. xoxoxoxo

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Carey Family of Four said...

Oh my word Sister! You have and Miss Tammy have TALENT!!!! This is such a beautiful dinner you put on for the darling couples. I need to start keeping a note book of ideas from you so that I can follow in your footsteps when my kids are grown up enough to go to homecoming.