Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gram’s here!

halloween 11 010

Gram arrived for a ten day visit! Here are some of the fun things we’ve been doing to keep busy. Cuddling up with Gram in my bed to read books together. A new tradition Gram and Zac started was to cuddle up and watch “Who wants to be a Millionarie?” Gram and Zac try to answer the questions right, and if they do they decide right then what they are going to spend their hard earned money on. So far they have won a two month trip to Lagoon, a trip to Disneyland for everyone for two weeks, a new car for mom, dad and Spencer and they are working on paying off the house. Oh ya, and Zac has ordered Nickelodeon for the tv. That one’s pretty important! It is pretty cute to watch them!!halloween 11 011halloween 11 012Gram and I had a delicious picnic out front while enjoying some sunshine!

Grace and Gram doing each others nails. Grace is sporting quite the hair do….getting ready to dress up in her 80’s costume! She needs frizzy hair!halloween 11 013halloween 11 016Pumpkin carving time! We were genius and decided to carve pumpkins outside on the sunny Saturday afternoon. While they scooped out the pumpkin guts, Gram and I layed back on the trampoline admiring the blue, blue sky. Ahh it was relaxing. halloween 11 017halloween 11 020Grace with her finished pumpkin. Zac making the face the same as his pumpkin. Errrrr!halloween 11 021

Dusti and Erin with their creations. Yes those are elephants on Erin’s pumpkin!!halloween 11 022halloween 11 025  The finished products! Erin, Zac, Dusti, Spencer, and Gracies pumpkins!

 halloween 11 024 halloween 11 026 Of course, what boy after lighting all the candles in the pumpkins doesn’t want to make his own mini fire? Look at that smile! Jeremy and I sat outside and got warmed up by that amazing mini campfire!

halloween 11 027              After a loooong day, Zac fell asleep in our bed while watching the BYU basketball with Jeremy that night. It was a busy Saturday. Grace played in her soccer game. While we were at her game, the other kids and Jeremy participated in the Santa Clara day of service by cleaning up our neighborhood, we carved pumpkins, cleaned up the house, went to the Halloween party at church, Gram and I went on a nice long walk…enjoying the sun setting as we made it home, movie night watching Beezus and Ramona, with the boys watching basketball, and then finally some much needed sleep. Yes, Spencer carved pumpkins with us….not sure why I didn’t get him in pictures! Happy Saturday before Halloween! :)

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