Friday, November 4, 2011


gram october 006

Erin found the “Home Depot Pro” in Jeremy’s closet and made up her own, most amazing costume. She also brought along a few non-threatening tools with her, one of them being Jeremy’s “stud finder”. You rub it across the wall and it lights up green and beeps really fast when it runs over a stud in the wall. So she took it to school to find “studs” of a different kind. Ha, perfect tool for her!!!

gram october 008gram october 009

Spencer went to school as a bum. He wore socks, no shoes, and carried an empty, dented tin can. He actually collected some money and cookies and other odds and ends. He carried some binder paper and a pencil in his knap-sack, didn’t bring a single book or anything else to classes!

gram october 012

      Miss Grace (center) was an 80’s girl. She had fun poofin’ that hair! She went trick or treating with her two good friends Alivia (left as a BYU fan) and Mikelle (right as an 80’s girl)gram october 016

Zac and Ashlynn went trick or treating together. Miss Ash dressed up as Dorothy and Zac was a Star Wars guy, Bobo Fet. I even had the chance to dress up for Zac’s class Halloween party. Yea for nice witches!gram october 014

gram october 018

    The best part of Halloween? Dumping everything out on the kitchen table to see what you got!

gram october 019gram october 021 

Yummmmmm! Happy Halloween!


larajanepark said...

Adorable!!! Love Halloween!

Lisa Henry said...

They must not have gone to Michelle's, I don't see any kale chips! ;o)