Saturday, October 29, 2011

May or may not have….

halloween 11 001 Spencer may or may not have ordered a book on Amazon, paid for it himself and read the book in practically one day! 

(For those of you who know Spenc and his love of reading (ha), you’ll understand why this was such a surprise!)

halloween 11 002

halloween 11 008

    Zac may or may not be asking for his two front teeth for Christmas!

halloween 11 003 Erin and I may or may not have been making funny faces at each other throughout this entirely too long National Junior Honor Society induction meeting. ps she is also wearing the amazing skirt that she made the week before, sooo cute!

halloween 11 007Erin may or may not have trimmed her own bangs one hour before our family photo shoot. She decided to go in disguise.  halloween 11 005Jeremy may or may not have came home for lunch with me to enjoy some sunshine and a few kisses xoxoxo 

halloween 11 006

I may or may not have made PIZZA for the FIRST time since I burned pizza on New Years Eve…. oh about 7 years ago. And it was a huge success (thank you Our Best Bites cookbook!)

And miss Grace may or may not have missed this week in pictures!!

Happy October :)

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