Friday, August 26, 2011

Hey Mom!

Zac has had a couple of really B O R I N G days at school, due to the fact that there's not much to do at recess with an arm in a sling. It would be sooo different if he broke his arm and it was in a cast. If it was casted, then he could still play ball, swing, run around and be crazy. But since his arm is in a sling, his collar bone area is still totally exposed and subject to injury at any second!

But yesterday he came home from school and happily said, "Hey Mom! I found something fun to do at recess today so it wasn't so boring!" I was pretty excited to hear that he actually found something he could do to keep him busy. He then said, "I figured out that with my sling, I can still go on the slide and on the swing!!" Ahhhhhhhhhhh! (and he added, “I only almost fell off the swing backwards once!” like that is an accomplishment??)

swings Needless to say, we had a little chat about what he can do at recess until his broken bone has healed….and unfortunately for him, it didn’t include anything to do with the picture above. :(

ps If you have any great ideas you’d like to share about some fun recess activities for him, I’d love to hear them!!

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larajanepark said...

Pear said hopscotch, I say 4-square, referee games, and one armed basketball. Scarlett says chase girls. Carefully. :)