Monday, August 22, 2011

Lunch Recess = Broken bone

zac collar bone

Today was a typical Monday……lots to do cleaning up the aftermath of the weekend. After getting everyone out the door to school, with lunches in hand I had some time to do my morning work out (best part of the day) and then pay the bills (worst part of the day…so I thought, anyway). I was accomplishing much, laundry and cleaning in between everything else. The day was starting out successful!

My car was filled to the brim with donations for the DI that came from our clean-the-garage-session this weekend. I made my list of errands: Drop off something at a friends house, pay a bill at the bank, drop off at DI and while I was out in that area of town pick up a few items at WalMart (not my favorite store) and Costco. Then head home by the time Grace got home just after 2pm.

I accomplished errands one and two and was half way to errand three when my phone rang. I immediately recognized the phone number to be that of the elementary school. I don’t have every one of their numbers in my phone, but after having children at the same school for 12 years, these numbers become familiar. It was Anne, one of my favorite school receptionists telling me that Zac hurt his shoulder at recess and seems to be in a lot of pain and that I should come take a look. So, mid-way through town I turned around to head that direction. I decided not to worry, whatever it was we could take care of it. And who knows, it could be a bruise, or a hurt ego or something else.

I walked into the school, into the office, right back to the Nurses room. And there was my buddy, being brave and tough, clenching his teeth, with tears running down his face. He looked up at me and with tears that seemed to burst out at full speed, he said, “Mom, it’s reeeallllly killing me.” Anne brought me his backpack and I helped him, and his ice packed shoulder out to the car. I could tell within a minute that we would not be going home to rest, but would be heading straight to the Instacare office.

Luck (and blessings!) were on our side today, because the parking lot to InstaCare was virtually empty! I seriously was thinking that everyone must be out to lunch. He was in some serious pain at this point and the receptionist there was very sympathetic and kind. They got us back in record time and the dr. pointed out his broken collar bone immediately. The nurse, Tracie, was super kind, getting his x ray and letting him check out the results on the big screen.

A dose of Motrin (that will likely cost me the amount of two whole bottles!), a sling, a fancy ice pack, and a photo of the broken bone and we were out the door. A trip to McDonalds for a vanilla shake and home for movie afternoon. We are enjoying Rio together and chilling.

This is the first broken bone he’s ever had. At the school, Anne said, “He is being extremely brave” and she was so right! He cried out several times as the pain was pretty intense, but he was so brave! He was a great patient and is happy to be home. The motrin has kicked in, so the pain has subsided some. You can see the broken collar bone below: crack/snap!


He is most worried that he won’t be able to open birthday presents on Sunday (as it’s his 8th birthday and Grace’s 11th birthday on the 28th!). I assured him that he would be able to open them and that we would wrap them easy peasy lemon squeezy just for him!

It’s not easy watching your kids in pain. I imagine this is what our Heavenly Father feels like as we, his children, make decisions that wrench at his heart. It was hard to have my little buddy sitting with me hurting so much, but I was so thankful for a quick visit with amazing staff to help us and make us feel so comfortable. We are very blessed.

Love you Zac! Thanks for being so brave. Love always, mama

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Carey Family of Four said...

Blogs need a "like" button. Sure hope Zac heals up soon. Happy Birthday to both your cutie pies! We are a part of their Birthday Banner. Had so much over at L&B's the other night.