Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wedding planning marathon

I was able to go up to Lex's last Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for some BIG time wedding planning, shopping, and non-stop organizing. And boy did we ever find deals!!

Poor poor girl got lost one day. Good thing I found her. ha.

Can you read our hats?? BRIDE and MOTHER OF THE BRIDE.
Ha. Looks like we were in the wedding construction business or something!
(no, we didn't buy those beauties!)

So the week went about like this:
making lists to accomplish each day, the mall, buy things and return them when we found something different, buy cute dresses, buy matching shoes, return both, Michaels with coupons...twice, Hobby Lobby with coupons, Zurchers (the party store, not the family gathering) :), BYU to try the various sweets that they cater out to weddings, DI for frames, antique suitcases and such, Flower shop on State street that has since moved to Springville, Wadley Farms, Kneaders to view cakes and eat the most delicious brownies in the history of our lives, Costa Vida and free chips & salsa coupons, with fizzy water, making Lex get out and walk to work (ha), shopping for the grooms suit, (which by the way he looks like a GQ model! I couldn't spoil the surprise and post the picture quite yet!) searching on-line for coupons and deals and such, the mall again (times four I'm pretty sure), Olive Garden soup and salad (and extra mints from a somewhat grouchy waitress), Springville Flower shop, Macy's, Dillards, and Nordstrom for fancy dresses, gelatto at Costco, Brady not Jared, having wedding dress altered, P90x and the treadmill, fixing bent glasses, shopping for ties, ten yummy cakes, Delvina, NO! die!, hot tamales and popcorn, laughing like crazy, realizing one of us in not a morning person (ha), making playlists all the way home, Jimmy Johns, singing out loud and overall having an amazing time while accomplishing MUCH-O!
Only to get home and for the next two days: painting frames and various other wedding items, buy shoes at Christensens, try on wedding clothing, frost 8 dozen cupcakes for the other wedding, set the tables as if it was wedding day, figure out all of our platters, tiers and such, play games, shop, laugh, get a little more sleep than we did up north, and enjoy the fam!

**we ALWAYS have the camera to document our adventures. but on this trip, we were SOOO busy that we didn't get too many pictures. here we are on Saturday night after FIVE long TWELVE hour days working on nothing but WEDDING**

Love you Lex! Can't wait for the BIG day!!
44 days and counting!!


miss lex: said...

such a fun fun week! i love you mama! :)

Pear Girl said...

that looks awesomely fun!!! im super excited for the fun wedding coming up! xoxo pear