Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Love these guys!

Here's a few of us all ready for church. Boy am I ever in love with my family! Brian and Lex, thanks for being such a good example! Thank you for your kindness and helpfulness. We love it when you get to visit. What fun we have playing, laughing, losing at Uno and talking like we have a NY accent. ha.
Erin, thank you for spicin' up our lives! You say the funniest things and I love your quick humor and wit. You are gorgeous and your blue eyes sparkle like the blue sky on a summer day. No wonder those boys keep on hanging out around here!! They know beauty when they see it! You are beautiful inside and out! Although you have proclaimed yourself "not a morning person" ;) I love you so much and am so very thankful for you! You are talented beyond measure and I'd love it if you'd share some of it with ME!!
Spencer, good job following your father. Thank you for being honest, true, trustworthy and hard working! It's fun watching you use those talents on the basketball court. Keep up the good work, only two more years of high school left!! Oh how time flies!!
Grace, our innocent, yet competitive girlie girl! You are an amazing soccer player. You are dedicated and tough. You are also a good friend to others. You are loving and caring and considerate. Thank you for all that you do to help me out around here. Keep that big smile of yours on that gorgeous face of yours! Your mama loves you!
**and for those of you who really know us, you would know that Zac tries to get out of any and every family picture that he possibly can. And you would know that as we are all ready to head out the door for church, Jeremy is most likely still getting ready for the day!**

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