Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the dog has my disease

We have this darling little dog named Gigi.....whom we inherited a few years back.
(pictured above behind the blue ball...only pic I could currently find)
She is about 7 years old. She is pretty obedient, happy, friendly, and well-mannered. Usually. That is until a cloudy, windy, and/or rainy day shows up. That's when SAD kicks in. You know, "seasonal affective disorder"? Ya, when the clouds show up, the rain starts up....she just can't quite handle leaving the house. This poses a BIG problem. You see, she has a nice little doggie door to make her way outside any time she wants. But on these SAD days, she goes to her door, looks outside and just decides, "Hmmm, looks too cold/too cloudy/too wet to head out today". Then she backs up about six inches and PEES right there on the carpet. This happened yesterday and lets just say this: she is very, very lucky to be alive right now. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't really kill her, but believe me, I sure wanted to.

I'm right there with her, don't particularly like those dreary, cloudy, cold, wet days. Not so much fun for my mood, and cheerfulness level. But seriously. You've got to make it outside Gigi. Cause if you don't then Aunt Lisa is really going to find out that BOGO really does mean :
Buy One Get One Free. And yes, you'll be the free one.
Love ya sis!! xoxoxox

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