Friday, December 10, 2010

Starting fresh, without the catch-up

That's right. I have failed to blog for three whole months. You can get some catch-up on Alexa's or Erin's blogs: and They are both such good little bloggers. The past three months have brought; a newly licensed driver, a car accident involving that newly licensed driver (not his fault though!), birthday girls (Lex 19 & Erin 14), visitors from college...yes, that included boys, Thanksgiving memories, photo shoots, Christmas lights, decorating, and a lot of family fun. I would like to add here that the family car that is used by the licensed drivers at our house has stayed completely FREE of tp, soap, crayons, peanut butter and all other "decorations" since the troublemaker, I mean, the college girl moved out. It is clean, nice and lovely. Let's keep it that way, eh?