Tuesday, September 21, 2010

wouldn't you know it?

I let Spenc take the car to school today.
The other car had a half-dead battery.
Surely, I didn't have to go anywhere this afternoon, right?

I was good until the elementary school calls.
Only on the day I don't have a car, right?
Yep. Zac cracked the back of his head and could I come look at it?

Thank goodness for good friends.
Always available. Willing. Helpful.
Dropping everything they are doing to help me out.

He's ok. (so far). Lot's of blood, but head bleed a lot, right?
A good movie, an ice pack and some good loving from his mama.
I'm hoping we can avoid the trip to the dr, time will tell!

Wouldn't you know it? I can be home for days with my car, not needing it,
and sure enough the day you don't have a car you really need it!

Thanks Benita for helping me out!

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larajanepark said...

oh my goodness! Poor Zac! Kisses from aunt lara. I hope he recovered enough to eat birthday cake with his big brother tonight!!!