Tuesday, February 23, 2010

oh how i've missed you

dear blog,

oh how i have missed you.
Thanksgiving and Christmas were fabulous.
You haven't missed any family birthdays.
Everyone is doing good in school.
And work is picking up for Jeremy. (yes!)

So I just thought I'd write about the guy I fell in love with so many years ago. He is still just as handsome, strong, loving, and kind as he always has been.

They say you can be more in love later in life than the day you were married. I always wondered about that. But it is true. I am so in love with him. Even more so than 19 years ago.

He is the light of my life.
My protector. My confidant.
He has seen me at my worst. He has seen me at my best.
He compliments me even when it's "one of those days".
Now, don't get me wrong.
We have had our moments. We've had our share of bad days.

But overall, the BEST decision I have EVER made is
marrying HIM.
Jeremy Ray Call, I LOVE YOU!!!


miss lex: said...

mother. i am so proud. that you finally updated this. good job. :) :)

larajanepark said...

yeah, good job amy. I love how you love Jeremy. You sure picked a good guy! He's the best brother I have! xoxoxoxlara

Amy said...

ha. lara. i think he is the only brother you have. :)

Carey Family of Four said...

i just cried. a bit. i had to stop reading for a moment to let the mist clear out of my eyes. what a wonderful love story you have.

T.I.D.S.A.H. said...

How adorable is that picture. Your girls look just like you!!!! I am so glad that I found your blog. Tonya Horlacher